The Stepmother


Part Two

“So Richard, what is it to be?”

“Look Jennifer, do you really think this is necessary?” stammered Richard trying desperately to bring his life back to normal.

“Richard, I want an answer and I want it now, or do I call my lawyer and have a few changes made to your Trust”.

“Alright Jennifer, you win.   I’ll do as you say, but lets get it over and done with as quickly as possible”.

For the first time, Jennifer smiled at Richard.   “Good decision Richard.   I will also be delighted to get this over and done with as quickly as possible, but I warn you now that I am not a quitter and I shall continue until I am convinced that you are ready to move on with your life”.

Jennifer and Richard stared at each other for some time, with the truth being that neither really knew what was going to happen next.

At last Jennifer summoned the courage and with as much calmness as possible gave Richard his instructions.   “Please remove all your clothes and bring the high chair behind the desk into the centre of the room”.   Richard gave Jennifer a look that pleaded with her to change her mind.   With a look that said it all, Jennifer continued drinking her tea trying to retain an imperious look.   “Come on Richard – get on with it.”   Richard hesitated but realised that he had no choice and reluctantly started to remove his clothes.   “Your underpants as well”.   Richard’s look once again begged Jennifer to leave his underpants on, but she retained her imperious look and continued to drink her tea.   Richard was desperate not to remove his underpants as for some inexplicable reason he had an erection.   Suddenly Jennifer stood up and with unexpected speed yanked Richard’s underpants down which caused Richard’s manhood to suddenly bob up and down.   Jennifer completely ignored this, which seemed to belittle Richard even more.  He had never felt so humiliated in all his life.  To be spanked by a beautiful woman only a few years older than himself filled him with shame.

“At last.   The next time, I will expect you to be quicker with my instructions.”   Richard’s look said it all.  “Yes I mean next time – you don’t honestly believe one session is going to have the desired effect do you”.   Richard’s heart sank.

“Now, I could lecture you for hours before spanking you, but I think its best to get on with it don’t you.”    Jennifer was putting on a very brave act.   Underneath this assertive outlook was a bag of nerves.   Here she was about to spank a man only a few years younger than herself.   She had been spanked as a child, but it was many years ago and she was struggling to remember how much it hurt.   Then the urge to punish this man became very powerful.   My God he deserved it.   Putting down her finished cup of tea, Jennifer got up and walked over to the high backed chair and sat down.    She smoothed the folds of her dress and looking up at Richard said “now young man it’s a shame your mother didn’t spank you twenty years ago and perhaps we would be spared having to go through this now.   Come here.”   Richard uneasily edged his way towards Jennifer.   Once in range, Jennifer leant forward and drew him to her right side.   “Now kneel and place yourself over my lap”.   Richard needed a little encouragement and holding on to Richard’s left ear, Jennifer pulled Richard over her lap.

While Jennifer was a decent lady, she was genuinely angry.   Placing her left arm over Richard’s back securing both his arms, Jennifer measured the swing required to smack Richard’s buttocks as hard as possible.   Her arm came down and met Richard’s right buttock with a resounding crack.   Richard grunted from the pain.   Jennifer kept herself in shape and Richard became a little nervous that this might hurt more than he anticipated.    The second blow came on his left buttock – equally painful.   Jennifer was smiling now.   “I think I’m going to enjoy this” she thought to herself.   “This bastard was getting just what he deserved.   Why was she nervous, she was more than capable of giving this bastard a good hiding.”  She had a good rhythm now but decided to put a bit more effort into each spank.   Yes I think I am starting to make an impression.   Jennifer definitely sensed that Richard was starting to feel the benefit of the spanking.    His bottom was gradually turning pink.   However, there was a long way to go before Richard reached the levels of discomfort that Jennifer had anticipated and at this point, Jennifer realised that her hand was starting to smart quite badly each time she spanked Richard.   Suddenly a solution came into her mind and with a simple command of “we will take a short beak” she pushed Richard onto the floor.   “Now stand in that corner with your nose to the wall until I return.”    Richard meekly obeyed while Jennifer headed to the kitchen where she had left her gloves.   Picking them up, Jennifer marched back to the library, resumed her seat and commanded that Richard stand before her.

“Hands by your side, chin up Richard.    You’re not a little boy.   Now we have a long way to go and while I want your bottom to suffer, I have no intention of hurting my hands”.   Jennifer’s idea was to put her right glove on, but then a thought occurred to her that her leather gloves somehow enhanced the image she wanted to convey.   Slowly she pulled the first glove on, then the second.   This took some time as the gloves were very tight.   She finally smoothed the gloves out and suggestively tapped her lap as she looked Richard in the eye.   Reluctantly, Richard resumed his position and the spanking continued.   She pounded his backside with a rain of blows and had to admit that she was thoroughly enjoying herself.   However, it became obvious to Jennifer that she needed to up the pain level if she was to really get through to Richard.

“Time for another quick break Richard.   Back in the corner.”    This time, Jennifer had a longer journey to make to her bedroom.   She knew exactly what she was looking for.   With her hairbrush in hand, she slowly wandered back to the library amused at the use her hairbrush was about to make and pleased that she was still enjoying giving Richard his just deserts.   Sitting back down again, she called Richard over.   Standing in front of Jennifer, there was a very worried look on his face as he saw what Jennifer was holding in her hands.

Jennifer’s leather clad hands toyed with the hairbrush as she announced to Richard that it was time to move it up a gear.  “ I think you may find my hairbrush a slightly different proposition.   Now please resume your position.”   Once again, Richard reluctantly placed himself across Jennifer’s knees.    Jennifer once again held Richard in position and started to explore the power of the hairbrush.   The first stroke sounded quite delightful to her ears and yes a very different reaction.   Richard fairly shrieked with pain and Jennifer strained to hold him in place.   “I never knew how useful a hairbrush could be” Jennifer purred as she struck Richard a second time.  “Hold still Richard, or I’ll hit you a lot harder”.

“Please Jennifer, that’s enough.   I can’t stand the pain.”

“Be quiet Richard.   For heavens sake I’ve only just started.   Now take your punishment and try and pretend you are a man”.

The blows started to rain down on Richard and the more he objected the more Jennifer was encouraged to continue her assault.    Richard’s bottom was starting to turn a very angry red and bruise marks were appearing.    Jennifer held Richard in a tight grip, but eventually the pain was too much for Richard and he managed to break free from Jennifer’s lap.   He lay on the floor looking up at Jennifer as she furiously tapped the hairbrush against her leather-clad palm.   What was it about those gloves that so entranced Richard.   For all the pain, he longed to feel Jennifer’s leather clad hands on his body again.

“I can see you are a bigger wimp than I thought” declared Jennifer as she started to slowly remove her fine kid gloves.   “Now look after my gloves while I go and look for something to restrain those annoying arms of yours.”

For all the pain, Richard was now in a strange world.   He feared the return of Jennifer, but holding those beautiful leather gloves, a desire burned deeply within him to see Jennifer seductively pull them slowly on.   He did not have to wait too long, as within minutes the fateful click, click of Jennifer’s heels signified her imminent arrival.   A she entered the room, Richard could see that she had managed to find a couple of pieces of what looked like stout chord.

“Now Richard, before we resume your punishment, I intend to make my job a little easier by tying you up.   Please do not argue, as you know the consequences.”   While Richard was  trembling at the thought of the pain that was undoubtedly to follow, for some reason he was ready to follow any order Jennifer gave.

“Please place the gloves down on the table and lie down on your front Richard and put your arms behind your back”.   Nervously, but with no arguing, Richard did as he was told.   Jennifer thought for a moment about how best to tie Richard up, something she was not exactly experienced at.   Having made her decision, she secured a loop of rope around one of Richard’s wrists and pulled his arm up his back and looped the rope around the upper part of his opposite arm pulling as tightly as possible.   She then carefully crossed the rope to the other arm ensuring that the rope did not slip and with a similar loop over the original arm, pulled the two arms tightly together.   “Please Jennifer, not so tight that really hurts”.   Jennifer ignored Richard’s protestations and continued to concentrate on immobilising the object of her attention.   She finished the job by attaching Richard’s other wrist to the free end of the rope and pulled the lower arm up his back tying the final knot very tightly.   She tested her handiwork and was happy that she had completely immobilised Richard’s upper body.   Richard could attest to the effectiveness of Jennifer’s work as he could not move any parts of his hands or arms and furthermore he was in considerable discomfort.    Jennifer took the other piece of rope and swiftly tied Richard’s feet together.

“Now that should make things easier for us both Richard.”    Jennifer walked over to the table and picked up her elbow length black leather gloves which she started to pull on ever so slowly.   This pair was from a new batch of gloves she had brought from Harrods a couple of weeks ago and they had yet to stretch.   She didn’t mind the gloves stretching a little bit, but the minute they lost their second skin look, they had to be discarded.   As Jennifer finished working the gloves over her hands and arms, they glistened in the bright lights of the library.   She picked up her hairbrush and resumed her seat in the high-backed chair.   “Now Richard dear, please do the best you can and get yourself back over my lap.”     Poor Richard, he could barely move but he valiantly wriggled his way across the floor and presented himself to Jennifer.   “You obviously need a bit of help Richard and with that, Jennifer grabbed Richard by the shoulders and unceremoniously hauled him over her lap.

“Now you will be pleased to know that we are coming to the closing stretch of this session Richard.    Please be brave.   I know it hurts, but it really is in your best interests”.    Jennifer suddenly thought of the old adage “this is going to hurt you more than me”.   Who on earth came up with that expression?   One look at Richard’s bottom made that expression sound a bit silly.   And far from hurting her, she had to admit that she was genuinely enjoying this experience.   He really did deserve it.

Richard was really trapped now over Jennifer’s lap.   She had encircled her left arm around his body and with his toes only just touching the ground, he could barely wriggle let alone make a bid for freedom.   “Crack”.   Jennifer’s leather clad hand brought the hairbrush down with what was becoming ever more expertise.   A well timed snap of the wrist ensured maximum impact with minimal effort.   All Richard could do now was make his displeasure felt vocally and this he did in crescendo fashion.   Jennifer continued with a steady rhythm and only paused when she noticed one of her gloves slip down her arm.   “Its amazing how fastidious one can be at a time like this” Jennifer thought to herself as each time this happened, she lay the hairbrush down on Richard’s back and proceeded to smooth her gloves back into position.  Then the beating would resume.   Richard’s bottom was now turning a very nasty colour.   The pink had long gone and the red was rapidly turning black and blue.    And then suddenly, Jennifer instinctively knew that the moment had arrived that she had unconsciously been waiting for.   Tears had started to roll down  Richard’s cheeks as he started to sob, initially grudgingly and then uncontrollably 

“Please” yelled Richard between sobs.   “I’ll listen to you honestly.   Aaagh.   Please stop no more.    Aaagh.    Richard wriggled as hard as he could to try to escape the ceaseless pounding of the hairbrush, but Jennifer had immobilised him more than effectively.   As Richard continued to sob and plead, Jennifer continued with her work.   A sense of power permeated her and with this power came a satisfying surge of contentment that she had not known since her husband died.    But there was something else.   A certain sense of excitement was seeping into her.   She was curious.

“Okay Richard.   You now know I am going to take my responsibility to you very seriously.    I am going to give you six more and then that will be enough for now.”  With that, Jennifer struck Richard with the hardest stroke yet.    Although her arm was aching, she had perfected her timing.    She could take her arm back way behind her head and with a surge of power the hairbrush descended on its target with frightening force and at the final moment a flick of her wrist turned the hairbrush into a serious implement of punishment.    Richard screamed with the pain.   Jennifer now bided her time to ensure that Richard absorbed the final assault.   Tears were streaming down Richard’s face as he sobbed uncontrollably.   A good thirty seconds passed before the second crack rang out in the room.    Jennifer was determined that Richard would remember these final few strokes with dread.    “Crack”.   The final stroke crashed down on Richard’s defenceless bottom.


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