Secretarial Blackmail Part 1
By J.W.

My secretary is a tall shapely brunette who frequently dressed in black leather including a split leather skirt and matching short sleeved jacket which revealed her three-quarter length black leather gloves. The dark hose and high heels completed her outfit and sent my mind racing away with images of me being tied helpless while she disarranged my clothing and teased me with her leather gloves. I began penning little stories on how she would trick me into being tied helpless and what she would do to me once in her power. Often after she had left in the evening I would write another story or take out the ones I had written before and read them again.

We were closing early one day when she gave me quite a shock. She entered my office holding a pair of handcuffs in a gloved hand. Walking towards me she said, "Have you heard about these Intelligence Handcuffs? All the girls are trying them out on their bosses. They are trick handcuffs that tests the intelligence of your boss on the amount of time it takes for him to work out how to slip them off his wrists. Would you like to try them?"

I was astounded. Wasn't this scenario one of my stories and wasn't that a blindfold she was carrying in her other hand. I swallowed hard and nodded and taking off my jacket put my hands behind my back and let her slip the bracelets on my wrists. "Now this is supposed to help your concentration," as she strapped the blindfold over my eyes plunging me in to a world of darkness. I tried feeling all over handcuffs seeking ways of getting me out of them but to no avail. Eventually Maria spoke, "Times up. You have gone past the maximum time allowed and will have to pay a forfeit."

I heard her move behind me and then a gloved hand clamped over my mouth filling my nostrils with that sensual aroma of leather. Her other gloved hand began caressing my neck and chin and I could hear her quietly crooning "Mmmmmmmm Mmmmmmm". She kept changing the gloved hand over my mouth first her left then her right then both so that I was smothered in her leather gloves and loving every second of it. I was swooning in ecstasy then became aware that both gloved hands were on my face but my clothing was being disarranged. "My God I thought she has read my best story and giving me a threesome." Gradually my upper clothes were dangling from my handcuffed wrists and my lower clothing draped about my ankles leaving me naked available to the leathered caresses from the second girl.

I was so lost in sexual pleasure that I barely heard Maria's voice in the next office calling my wife, "Some people had called for an unexpected meeting. No I'm afraid he can't talk to you right now he is in conference. Judging by the agenda for the meeting it looks as if he will be tied up for three or four hours. He will call you when he is free." If Maria was in the next office who were the two ladies in leather cuddling up to me and driving me wild with their leather gloved domination?

Maria came back in the office and removed my blindfold. "I think it is time to introduce you to our new members of staff.The young lady caressing your face with her leather gloves is Cindy, your new secretary. No I am not leaving, you are promoting me to your Personal Assistant on a suitable salary and expense account. The young lady making you all hot and bothered down below is Julie, the sexiest redhead you are ever likely to meet. Julie will be my secretary and cope with my work while I am attending to your personal needs. We three will accompany you on all your business trips abroad so that after your business is completed instead of you returning to your lonely hotel room and indulging in fantasy we three will be waiting for you to take you on a reality trip. During the next three hour we are going to video three of your stories and in each one you will be teased out of your mind with our leather gloves and finally forced to have sex with one of us."

Cindy kept her gloved hands over my mouth while Julie strapped my elbows tightly together. Releasing my handcuffs she removed my upper clothing then laced my arms in a single glove. Bending down in front of me she removed my lower clothing and strapped my ankles together. I had noticed that she was wearing a red leather cloak that had concealed her other clothing but as she stood up she threw the cloak back over her shoulders revealing a red leather waist cincher, matching shoulder gloves, dark hose and high heels.

Maria had been setting up the video camera, "Right girls, Julie you are playing the part of his secretary who when you were both at a conference you overheard him being asked if you were having sex and his reply had shocked you. He had said that not if he was bound and gagged and you were a leather clad dominatrix. You have bided your time and enlisting the help of Cindy, the blonde bombshell from Accounts Department, you spike his coffee, strip him, tie him helpless then go to town on him. Right action."

To be continued......