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My Wife Lisa


Part Four

I was totally blown away by the tape I had just watched. Either I was in denial, or it just turned me on too much, I rewound the tape and watched it again 5 or 6 times. My wife had total control of me. I couldn't believe how breath taking she looked totally in shiny tight black leather, even on the TV screen. If she looked this hot on video, I could only imagine how she looked in person., and knowing that some other men are seeing and enjoying my hot leather wife in person, while my imagination runs wild looking at her on the TV. It's too much to handle.

Not knowing where Lisa was, and only imagining what, or WHO she was doing, I needed a couple of stiff drinks to calm me down. I went to the liquor cabinet and poured myself a double shot of vodka and slammed it down. After a moment of shaking my head and a large exhale, I poured myself another, and slammed it down again.  Then finally I filled the double shot glass again and sat down on the couch. I watched the video again, and with my heart aching and my rod doing the same, I passed out.

All of a sudden, I was awoken by the doorbell ring. I looked at the clock, it was 12:45am.

Did Lisa forget her key? Will I finally see her in her new leather? I rushed to the door only to find another video tape with another note from Lisa with "PLAY ME" attached to it.

I could only see the tail lights of a vehicle as it sped away. I didn't recognize the vehicle, it certainly wasn't Lisa's car. What was she doing? Was she in the car?

My heart was pounding as I walked in the house with the new video tape. I was really curious, excited and afraid, all at the same time to watch it. Why did she take the video camera with her?  I couldn't have imagined or have been prepared for what I was going to see.

The tape starts with the dance floor of a large club. The floor is crowded with many dancing and grinding to the music. The DJ goes to the mic and announces to the crowd, "Will everyone please clear the dance floor." The crowd stops, and leaves the floor, but surrounds it out of curiosity. The DJ then says "At this time, please have a chair placed in the middle of the dance floor." One of the bartenders brings out a chair to the floor, and then a spot light shines on the empty chair. The DJ then says to the crowd, "At this time would the lucky bachelor and his best man come to the dance floor". A beautiful blond in a black spandex mini dress escorts the two men to the floor. She sits the bachelor down in the chair. He is about 6 foot tall with and average build. The best man is a muscular man about 6 ' 3", with long hair.

He is wearing a black tank top and tight jeans, that really show off his physique. The sexy blond then hand cuffs the bachelor to the chair, and makes the best man stand behind the chair, facing away from the bachelor. He is also hand cuffed to the chair.

I kind of knew what to expect at this point.

A real slow sexy song comes on that has a real "fuck me" feel to it.I hear some whistling and yelling from the crowd and then immediately after, Lisa walks onto the dance floor in her new black leather outfit. The only thing different is she has on a black cat woman type mask that only covers around her eyes. The eye holes are still big enough to see her dramatic "smokey" make up.

She begins by dancing really sexy, with her gloved hands following every curve of her black leather body.. She dances for several minutes in front of the bachelor, then the best man. The crowd is really into her erotic show. She then bends over and grabs the bachelor's face with her leather hands and licks his lips with the tip of her tongue. After doing this several times, she then gives him a deep penetrating kiss. It looks like she is sticking her tongue down his throat. As the crowd whistles and screams, she then goes to the other side and does the same to the best man. Hand cuffed to the chair, they can do nothing but let her proceed to drive them wild helplessly. Lisa then focuses back to the bachelor, and dances sticking her tight leather ass right in front of his face, sending him into a frenzy.

She then turns around and starts grinding really hard on his lap, while wrapping her leather arms around his neck.

After several minutes of what looks like she's fucking him through his pants, the unbelievable happens.

She stands, straddles over him as he sits hand cuffed to the chair, her long legs wrapped in her black thigh high stiletto boots, and with one gloved hand holding the back of his neck, reaches down with the other operagloved hand and unzips his pants. She reaches in to find, and frees his hard rod. Lisa then, while moving her hips and ass to the beat straddled over him, starts stroking him with her other leather gloved hand. The crowd is now in a frenzy, as he closes his eyes in ecstasy while she works him rock hard. She then slides over her leather G string panties and slides down on him, and fucks him to the beat. I can't believe what I am watching. My leather wife is fucking this guy in public, and I am powerless to stop her. She then grabs his face with her leather hands and stick her tongue deep in his mouth while fucking him. The best man strains to turn around to see what is happening. She then looks up at him in the eye, and says "Don't worry, your next."

The bachelor can' t take much more. As his body begins to stiffen, Lisa hops up and reaches down with her leather operagloved hand and pumps his shaft wildly to finish him off. He moans very loudly as his load is milked out of him by my expert wife. She pumps his shaft dry, and then shows her sticky cum covered leather gloved hand and arm to the screaming crowd.

I was in total shock to what I was witnessing. My sexy wife was doing things  in public that she would never do to me in private. She was in total control of me, and she was going to use my fetish against me, and bring me to new heights of humiliation.

She was not done, not even close. Lisa then went over to the best man, and started grinding her ass all over his crotch. While doing this, she was sliding her gloved hands all over her leather body. Cum from her right hand was being smeared all over her dress where she was rubbing herself. Most of it was on her leather covered tits and hips, where she was touching herself the most.

Her ass grinding was having the desired effect on her muscular victim. She could really feel his hard rod through his pants and through the tight thin leather covering her body. She then turned around and stuck her tongue deep in his mouth, and grabbed his face with her black operagloved hands. He could smell the bachelor's cum from her glove on his face, and feel the wetness on her hand as she was kissing him.

She then slid her wet gloved hand down and started grabbing his bulge through his tight jeans.

I couldn't believe what I was watching. Lisa then slid her body down in front of him until she was face to face and inches away from his bulging crotch. The crowd was going wild, urging Lisa on pull down his pants. Not wanting to disappoint her audience, and definitely to please herself, she unzipped his jeans and reached in to find her huge prize. She pulled out his massive rod. I couldn't tell, but by what I could see on the TV he had to be at least 9-10 inches, dwarfing what I was. I could see her eyes open wide through her mask when she had all of him out of his pants. The crowd was really going crazy. Her black leather gloved fingers could barely encircle it. As she held the base of his rod with one hand, she gently ran her leather fingers from the other hand over the head. People in the club were screaming  for her to

"suck it dry" over and over.

Lisa is a woman who not only gives, but gets great pleasure from giving head. She always loved to finish me after sex with her mouth. She is a rare woman who actually loves the taste of hot cum. She really would rather me cum in her mouth than in her pussy, and has often told me during sex not to cum in her pussy, because she would rather taste how much she pleased me.

She then took his head in her mouth as her tongue went to work on the sensitive spot underneath. Her leather gloved hands her the base firmly. I was surprised of how much of his rod she could take. Her lips made slowly all the way to the base. She was kissing her gloved fingers as his huge rod disappeared in her mouth. She then pulled him out, only leaving his  head in her mouth. Lisa would repeat this motion for several minutes, until his body started to get tense. She would then pull him all the way out and hold his rod and give it a little squeeze and let precum to drip out and run onto her leather covered tits. She was clearly excited as her hard nipples were visible through the shiny thin leather covering them. Drops of precum soon joined covering her hard nipples.

She then took him in her mouth again, her tongue worked its magic. He got really tense again and Lisa decided to please herself and her audience and finish him. With her mouth over the head, and her tongue working all around it, she held the base really hard with one hand and pumped the long length of his thick shaft with the other.His muscular body got really tense, and you could actually hear him scream and moan over the club music on the TV as I watched. His cum shot into  and quickly filled her waiting hot mouth, and started to run over her lips, down her chin, and onto her leather covered tits. She pulled him out of her mouth and finished him with her gloved hands as he shot all over her neck, tits, arms, dress and boots.

As he went limp in her hands, the crowd was wild. She stood up and I never saw so much cum before. He had such a big load, that it seemed to cover her. She gave both the best man and the bachelor each one her signature cum filled kisses.

The camera went off for a brief moment, only to find Lisa standing with the best man behind her with his arms wrapped around her. It appeared she cleaned herself off, and they were both right in front of the camera. Lisa reached behind her head  with her opera gloved hands so she could play with his long hair. As she did this she said into the camera. "This is the best man, Orlando. We are going to have a little more fun tonight, so don't wait up for me. As you can see from his muscles and equipment, he is the best man! I just wanted you to know who is in control here. I'm planning on buying a lot more leather and going out on you more often. Remember, this is what YOU wanted, and now your gonna get more than you can handle.I love pleasing other men while you wait for me at home, wondering what I'm doing. You know you won't leave me, because you would rather me do this to you, throw it in your face, than me do this and you not knowing the pleasure I'm giving. I know you can't and won't stop me either."

"I''ll be home as soon as I'm finished with Orlando. This is his lucky night."

She then started grabbing his crotch and kissing him when the camera shut off.

What am I to do?

Any other man who would catch his wife cheating would divorce in a heartbeat. Any other man would have the power to do so.

My problem is that my fetish for leather controls me like nothing else. My other problem is that my wife knows this and is using it to take full advantage of me and control every aspect of my life. I can deny her NOTHING when she is in leather. NOTHING.

Please someone tell me what I should do.