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Like Son, Like Father


Part Two

After Denise turned the light off, she and Jennifer sandwiched Timothy's naked body between their own.  In the silvery moonlight, Timothy thought Denise and Jennifer looked like goddesses with alabaster skin.  Their lipstick appeared darker and glossier than it had by the light of the lamp.  The moonglow also played off the softly gleaming kid leather of their gloves.  A pleasantly cool breeze wafting in the window contrasted with the warmth of their bodies pressing against his.  Timothy felt as though he had been transported to another realm - a realm of sensual pleasure and bliss unlike anything he had previously known or imagined.  Jennifer pushed herself up on her pillow and reached over Timothy's head to caress the other side of his face with her gloved right hand while cupping her gloved left hand under his chin.  Her right breast pressed against Timothy's left ear as he lay as on his back. 

Placing her black leather-gloved right hand over Timothy's nose and mouth, Denise pressed her lips to his right ear and whispered softly as the night, "Be still, sweet Timmy.  Inhale the leather scent of my glove.  Timmy, you will remember tonight the rest of your life.  You will remember Jennifer and me as softer on your skin than a balmy night breeze and sweeter on your lips than honey from clover." Denise's hair lay across Timothy's face.  Moving her right leg up over Timothy's, Denise continued, "You will never forget the sensation of our breasts against your skin.  You will never forget the soft caress of our leather gloves on your face, your lips, your body, your throbbing cock."   

Denise moved her leather-sheathed hand down to Timothy's rigid, swollen penis. Gripping it with her gloved fingers, she noticed in the moonlight that the slit of his cock-head was already beginning to ooze pre-cum.  "Timmy, sweetheart, just as we share pleasure with you, you are going to give pleasure back to us," she said with her lips ticking his ear like the petals of a flower.  "First I want you to tongue-lick Jennifer's pussy to orgasm.  Then you're going to fuck my brains out."   

Denise moved her kid-gloved hand back over Timothy's nose and mouth and pushed her warm, wet tongue into his ear.  It was if a tidal wave of pleasure swept over Timothy and almost carried him off in the under-tow.  Realizing that Timothy was already approaching the brink of orgasm, Denise got off the bed so that Timothy could reposition himself with his head between Jennifer's legs.  With her knees in the air, Jennifer spread her legs and pulled the lips of her wet pussy open with her leather-gloved fingers.  She gently tickled her clit with her leather-sheathed index finger.  It was the first time Timothy had ever seen a woman's vaginal lips spread apart.  Clasping the sides of Timothy's face from behind with her kid-gloved hands, Denise manoeuvred his head into position between Jennifer's legs. 

Timothy stuck his tongue between Jennifer's leather-sheathed fingers and began to tongue-tickle her honeyed clit.  Meanwhile, Denise climbed back onto the bed and inserted the leather-sheathed middle finger of her right hand into Jennifer's mouth while reaching around behind Jennifer's head and caressing Jennifer under her chin with her gloved left hand.  Jennifer then held Timothy's head between her own gloved hands so that she could grind her hips while mashing Timothy's tongue and lips against her clit.  Timothy thought his pecker grew another inch when he felt the fur cuffs of Jennifer's gloves tickling either side of his face.  As Denise slid her leather-sheathed finger in and out of Jennifer's mouth, Jennifer began to moan in ecstasy.  Her moans increased to an orgasmic shriek while her gloved fingers clutched Timothy's head.  Timothy could feel Jennifer's quaking orgasm with his lips and tongue.  The musky aroma of her pussy combined with the scent of her leather gloves almost made him pass out.     

Denise then pulled Timothy back up on the bed so that he was lying on his back next to Jennifer.  While Jennifer inserted a gloved finger into Timothy's mouth, Denise reached for the pair of long black kidskin gloves that Timothy had noticed lying on her bed when the three of them had first entered her room.  Denise said, "These are going to the cleaners anyway," as she opened one of the gloves where it buttoned at the wrist and slid the hand portion of the glove over the swollen head of Timothy's penis.  She rubbed the inside of the wrist part of the glove against his balls. When Timothy felt the velvety-plush suede interior of Denise's black kidskin glove intimately sheathing his cock and balls, he cried out, "Oh my god!"  

Lying down next to Timothy and Jennifer, Denise cradled both their heads in her gloved left arm so that Timothy and Jennifer were cheek-to-cheek and nearly mouth-to-mouth.  Then Denise inserted the gloved index finger of her right hand in Timothy's mouth while simultaneously inserting the gloved little finger of her same hand in Jennifer's mouth.  As Denise slowly slid her leather-gloved fingers in and out of their mouths, she said, "Now all three of us are gloved together!  Timmy, my glove on your pecker is a preview of how my pussy is going to feel.  My pussy is like a delicious warm glove waiting for your cock, sweetheart!"   

At that point, Timothy was fortunate that only moonlight illuminated the room - otherwise, he'd have looked absolutely giddy and cross-eyed with pleasure such as he had never before experienced or imagined - not even in his wildest dreams.  But Denise did not have to see Timothy's expression to know that he was close to orgasm.  She pulled her glove off his rigid shaft and rolled him over on top of her. Jennifer then went down toward the foot of the bed and, reaching between Timothy's legs, wrapped her kid-gloved fingers around Timothy's shaft to guide his ship into port.  Timothy was electrified with pleasure when his bloated cock-head slid in between the syrupy lips of Denise's tight pussy while Jennifer's leathered fingers guided his shaft.  The fur cuff of Jennifer's glove tickled his balls deliciously.

Once inside Denise, Timothy knew instinctively what to do.  He began humping her furiously to ram his rigid, sperm-loaded pecker deep inside her.  Jennifer returned to the top of the bed and tickled Timothy around his neck, chin and ears both with her kidskin-sheathed fingers and with the fur cuffs lining her gloves.  Her long, sandy-blonde hair cascaded over both Timothy's and Denise's heads.  Denise wrapped her left gloved arm around Timothy to hold him close while she placed her gloved right hand over his face with her leather-sheathed middle finger inserted in his mouth.  As Timothy rammed his cock back and forth in her pussy, Denise slid her gloved finger in and out of his mouth.   

Jennifer said, "Fuck her, Timmy!  Fuck her for teasing you!  Fuck her so hard that the shock waves blast her gloves right off her hands!"  

As multiple explosions of mind-bending pleasure shot through her body, Denise moaned, "Yes, fuck me, Timmy!  Fuck me for wearing gloves!  Explode inside me!  Shag my brains out!"  

"YES!" grunted Timothy in a hoarse, ragged voice.  

Timothy's shaft was like a lightning rod for the pleasure that flowed from Denise's leather-sheathed hands throughout his entire being.  That pleasure gathered in his balls and explosively surged up his shaft as Denise caressed his face with her loving leather gloves.  Timothy felt his brain dissolving and swirling in an all-consuming wave of infinite pleasure that transported him to another plane of consciousness.  As hot sperm surged from the rock-hard shaft that he was thrusting deep inside Denise, he wanted nothing less than to lose himself in her and become one with her.  Her gloved hands electrified him with pleasure, and he sent that current of pleasure surging back into her.  It was as if his body had melted down in the heat of passionate longing and flowed into hers.   

When the pleasure finally subsided, a sense of serenity engulfed Timothy.  Every bit of the longing ache that had been caused by a sense of apartness had vanished.  For a few infinitely sweet moments, he remained inside Denise while she continued to stroke his face with her fleecy-soft kidskin gloves.  With her leathered fingertips, she lightly brushed aside the tears of joy starting to stream down his cheeks. Then, clasping and caressing his cheeks in her warm leathered palms, she kissed him all over his face.   

"Now you'll have no trouble zipping your pants so that you can see Stacy," said Denise.  "But, first, let's sleep for a half-hour.  Then I'll take you to her."  

Timothy needed no further persuasion.  He was already falling into a deep sleep.


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