By Rachel & Jane

CHAPTER 5: Halloween Night

Halloween had come! All day at work, Sherry could barely repress her excitement: she would be going out tonight as Sailor Moon with her girlfriend as Sailor Mercury and her best friends as the Sailor Mars, Jupiter, and Venus. She practically looked at the clock all day.

Just at the end of the day, Amy walked into the lobby of the office Sherry worked at. She was dressed in appropriate attire, she had just come from work: a blue buttoned coat with matching blue slacks, high heels, and a pair of short blue leather gloves. She was also wearing glasses (she usually wore contacts, but wore glasses for her job). She was carrying a briefcase and another bag that had CONNIE’S COSTUMES on it. I wonder what that could possibly be?

Sherry watched her sexy girlfriend walk into the office. “Hey there.” She smiled.

“Hello,” Amy said, “Almost done?”

“I’m done now,” Sherry got up. She too was dressed in appropriate attire: a white collared shirt with black pants and comfortable pumps. She was also wearing her short black leather gloves. She grabbed her black coat off the chair of her desk, along with her green office bag and CONNIE’S COSTUMES bag, and made her way out past the receptionist.

“Agnes, I’m splitting.” The old receptionist looked at the two girls with some disdain. Had she not been Sherry’s superior, Amy and Sherry would have made out in front of her before leaving, but Sherry was not interested in getting fired. Instead, Amy and Sherry walked out like they were just good friends.

Soon after they were walking down the street: the two of them made out. “Let’s not get too crazy now,” Amy said to her, “We’ve got a long night ahead of us.”

Amy and Sherry stopped by the restaurant where Rei worked at. She was waiting on a table near the entrance. She was wearing her waitress uniform and white cotton gloves. Rei saw the two girls walk in and waved smiling. Amy and Sherry waved.

“Thank you very much,” Rei said to the seated customers handing them the bill. She walked towards the girls. “Hey guys I got a few more things to do here. I’ll meet you at Mindy’s house?”

“Okay sounds good,” Sherry said. “We’ll be waiting.”

“Great,” Rei said smiling. She kissed both of them before walking to the back of the restaurant.

Rei looked different. She walked in a statuesque way they had never seen her walk before. Perhaps her time with Mindy and Leila gave her new life. She almost carried herself like Sailor Mars. Amy nodded her head as if to say, “Let’s go.”

The two of them took a walk to Mindy’s house; it wasn’t terribly far. Amy knocked on the red door. A voice came in through, “Who is it?”

“The FBI,” Amy joked.

Mindy opened the door, “Very funny.” She said. Mindy was dressed very casually: t-shirt and shorts, comfortable boots and short purple leather gloves. Mindy worked from home while Leila had a day job. “Leila got off work early, she should be home soon. Where’s Rei?”

“She’ll be here soon,” Sherry said entering the house. Mindy led the two of them into her home office where she was finishing up a website project. Amy had gone into the bathroom to put her contacts in. She came back out. The three of them talked about work just to kill some time before the two missing members of the party came in.

About half an hour later, the sound of the door opening echoed into the room. Two female voices entered the house. Mindy practically jumped out of her chair in excitement. Amy and Sherry followed her out.

Mindy saw Leila and jumped into her arms kissing her.

“Aw,” Sherry said, “Isn’t that cute?”

Rei was standing right next to Leila, she was holding a couple of pizza boxes in her arms. Leila was dressed in proper black business attire with black dress shoes and black gloves. “All right, all right,” Leila said laughing. “Take it easy there, you’ll hurt yourself.”

Mindy stepped down. “All right,” she said, “I guess we got a long night ahead of us.”

“Here you go guys,” Rei said putting the pizzas down on the table. “Complimentary pizzas from the restaurant.”

“Yes,” Leila said. “Everybody hang back and enjoy yourselves… well control yourselves at the same time.”

Sherry and Amy both moaned. “Well,” Sherry said, “I’ve got a feeling we’ll be having enough fun tonight.”

“By the calculations of my computer,” Amy said putting her blue goggles on imitating Sailor Mercury; she pulled out her blackberry, “Sunset will be in one hour and thirty minutes.”

“All right,” Sherry said, “In about two hours, we’ll get ready to go.”

“Sounds good to me,” Mindy said putting a box of latex gloves on the table. “Let’s dig in. I’ll get some sodas from the fridge.”

Each one of the girls grabbed a pair of latex gloves and pulled them over their leather-gloved hands (cotton gloved hands for Rei). Each girl picked a piece of pizza up with her latex covered hands. Leila brought out some paper plates and napkins, while Mindy brought out a cool six-pack of Dr. Pepper.

“You know,” Amy said, “I shouldn’t be eating and drinking this stuff.”

“Hey c’mon,” Sherry said to her lover, “It’s Halloween, we get to cheat tonight. We worked out in the gym this morning, I think we can afford to have some junk food tonight.”

For the next two hours, the girls sat on the couch eating pizza, drinking soda, and watching HALLOWEEN with Jamie Lee Curtis for the 50th time.

“Man,” Sherry said, “Jamie Lee was so hot in this movie.”

“Yeah she was,” Mindy replied.

All the girls instantly screamed in excitement as the masked Michael Myers (no not Austin Powers) came back after her with his big sharp knife. They began to laugh.

“Why does this guy keep coming after her again?” Rei asked.

“I think he wants to fuck her,” Leila joked around.

“No,” Amy retorted, “She’s his sister.”

“Oh,” Leila said, “I can see that. I wanted to kill my sister a few times. Never thought of using a knife.”

The movie ended and Sherry blurted out, “Can’t beat the classics!”

Amy moved her latex-covered leather glove to look at her watch. “All right, I think it’s time to get ready.”

“Let’s do it,” Sherry said getting up from the couch. The girls quickly cleaned up the coffee table, picking up plates and soda cans. As soon as everything was cleaned up and thrown away, all the girls ripped off their latex gloves and threw them into the trash at the same time.

“All right, are we all ready Sailor Scouts?” Sherry commanded her friends.

“Yes Sailor Moon,” they all said in near unison.

Sherry picked up the moon wand off of the table and shouted, “Moon Cosmic Power, Make up!” The other girls laughed.

Their costumes were neatly laid out on the table. Sherry took off her shirt revealing her white bra. She kicked off her pumps and pulled down her pants. She was now only wearing her white bra, white panties and still in her black gloves (she didn’t want to take them off yet). Sherry looked at her Sailor Moon costume. She loved it! Very slowly, she put her arms through the bottom of the costume and inched it onto her bare skin. It was very tight, slightly hard to get on, but it made its way down Sherry’s body. She tucked the skirt down. It just barely made it past her panty-line. She straightened up the bow, admiring the brooch in the middle.

Next the high-heeled boots, also very tight. Sherry sat down on a chair and pulled the red boots on. She stood up and grabbed her accessories: the moon crescent red choker tightened her neck, but was just loose enough for comfort. The crescent moon earrings were next, slipping neatly into her pierced ears. She picked up the tiara and pushed it onto her forehead. Finally, Sherry picked up the blonde wig and put it on neatly.

“Amy,” Sherry asked her lover.

Amy had just put on her blue Sailor Mercury wig. Her entire outfit was nearly ready to go: the blue and white colored Sailor outfit and blue boots were certainly very sexy. Her clip-on earrings and choker were also blue, the later had a gold star on it. She still had her blue leather gloves on. “Yeah?”

“Can you help me put my hair back?”

Amy picked up Sherry’s hair and neatly tied it up without a pin or tie. She softly stuffed her brown hair into the Sailor Moon wig. Her gloved hands felt the back of Sherry’s neck.

“Oh,” Sherry said, “Your gloves feel so nice against my neck.”

Amy began to rub the back of her neck. Sherry sighed. Turning Sherry’s head around, Amy kissed her on the lips. “Let’s have fun tonight baby.” Amy said.

“I love you,” Sherry replied.

“Yeah I know,” Amy teased and continued to straiten out her own wig.

Rei was ready to go. The collar and skirt of her costume were red. The bows were both purple. Instead of boots, she wore red pumps. Her natural hair was Sailor Mars enough, and her choker was red with a gold star. Her red dangling earrings were also star shaped. Together with the tiara, Rei was Sailor Mars.

Mindy and Leila were helping each other with their costumes. Mindy already had on her Sailor leotard, with the orange colored collar, skirt and back bow. Her front bow was blue. Her choker and tiara were same as the others; the choker was obviously orange. She had orange pumps with ankle straps, simple gold pearl earrings, and a red bow in her hair for the authentic Venus look.

Leila’s Sailor costume barely fit her muscular body, but Mindy was straightening it out. It was just like the others, only green collar and skirt with pink bows, front and back. Her green high top boots, with white laces, fit fine. Because she didn’t have pierced ears, Leila rigged her pink rose earrings into clip-ons. The rest of her accessories were on. Mindy put the brown hair on top of Leila’s head. She was ready to go.

“Man,” Leila said looking at her costume, “I feel like a girl!”

“You are a girl dummy!” Mindy teased.

“All right,” Amy said, now having finished her costume. “I’m good.”

“We’re all set then?” Rei asked.

Sherry smiled, “Not yet.” She reached into her bag, with her black leather gloves still on, and pulled out the five pairs of white leather opera gloves.

“Wow,” Mindy said, “Those ARE amazing!”

“These may not be authentic,” Sherry said passing them out to everyone, “But they are going to feel really good. We’ll be Super Sailor Scouts!”

Finally, all the girls removed their gloves, placing them all neatly on the table. Sherry picked up one glove. She rubbed it against her face. It felt soft and cool against her skin. She wanted to wear them so badly.

Very slowly, Sherry slipped her hand into the end of the glove. Already, she could feel the sensuous unlined leather against the back of her hand as it slowly crept up her arm. Her eyes gazed upon the hand of the glove coming up slowly towards her own hand. As soon as the glove reached the end, Sherry let go of the cuff and smoothed the glove on. Her hand reached the fingertips of the glove. She smoothed all the way up past her elbow until it was on tight. It was a perfect fit. She sighed at the feel of incredible white leather on her arm. She clenched her fist tightening the material of the glove. These gloves were like no other. Her pussy was getting wet. She controlled her desires: Not now. She pulled on the other glove and gazed upon her hands. Sherry had dreamed of wearing the perfect gloves, well her dream had come true.

All the other girls felt similar thoughts as their gloves enveloped their arms. Even Rei began to touch herself with the gloves on. Amy, with her gloves already on, stopped her: “Not yet,” Amy said, “You’ll get your chance.” Rei nodded her head in disappointment.

Finally, all the girls grabbed the rolled armband cuffs they had taken off the cotton gloves. Sherry clipped the cuffs right in place with the leather gloves. She clasped her hands together: “I love these gloves!”

Mindy nearly moaned as she clipped her cuffs on the gloves, “Me too!”

Everyone admired themselves in the dining room mirror. Nobody in cosplay history ever resembled the super powered Sailor Scouts like these girls.

“We look awesome!” Mindy said.

“Ok,” Sherry lead the group, “I think we’re ready.” She picked up her crescent moon wand and twirled around. Her pigtails flew through the air. She began to shout slightly: “All you are all ready Sailor Scouts?”

“Yes Sailor Moon,” The girls replied.

“Then,” Sherry paused and put her moon wand in the air. They all gave out their roll-call






All the girls said in unison: “MOON POWER, MAKE UP!!!”


By Rachel & Jane

CHAPTER 6: Sailor Scouts in Seattle

Outside, Halloween was alive in Seattle. Kids were out trick or treating, teenagers were egging people’s houses, and old people were chasing teenagers down the street with golfclubs. It was a warm October night, not a cloud in the sky. When Sherry led the Sailor Scouts out the door, anyone walking around immediately turned their attention to them.

Sherry got a whiff of the air, “Ah,” she said. “Halloween night!”

As soon as Leila locked the door, they all stood together on the sidewalk in a strait line perpendicular to the street. Sherry was in the middle. To her left was Amy. She clasped her white leather palm against Sherry’s leather gloved hand. Rei stood opposite to Amy. On Sherry’s right was Mindy; to her right, Leila.

“So where to?” Amy asked.

“Why don’t we go walk down Broad Street?” Mindy suggested. “Check out the action.”

“We could see what’s going on at Zombieland,” Leila said.

“All right,” Sherry said.

The five of them walked down the residential streets towards Broad Street. All the teenagers they ran into gave them props for their costumes. The kids looked up at them in awe. Even the parents looked at them with respect. They felt like they really were the Sailor Scouts.

Broad street was much different. Instead of kids roaming the streets looking for candy, young adults in their 20s roamed the streets looking for thrills and booze. The Space Needle was silhouetted by the full moon. Its shadow fell upon a crowded street of Vampires, Pirates, Witches, Zombies, and Michael Jackson impersonators (the scariest of them all!)

The Sailor Scouts walked into the action. They were getting lots of comments: “All right, Sailor Moon!” “You girls look awesome!” They began to pose as the Sailor Scouts drawing a small crowd. People were taking pictures of them. Sherry shouted the oath in a dead-on Sailor Moon impression:

“I am Sailor Moon, the champion of justice.” She began to gesture as the animated character did, “And in the name of the moon, I will right wrongs and triumph over evil, and that means you!” She pointed the crowd.

The crowd laughed, and even applauded slightly. Amy moved up behind Sherry, putting her blue goggles on and taking out her blackberry. She mimicked Mercury’s voice: “Sailor Moon, my computer is picking up agents of the negaverse within our proximity.”

Leila said discreetly to Mindy, “It’s probably that guy dressed as Michael Jackson over there.” Mindy nudged her.

“Yeah Sailor Moon,” Rei said surprisingly behind her, “Maybe you should stop being an attention hog and focus for once in your life!”

Sherry played along and started whining, “Oh, you’re so mean Rei!”

Leila and Mindy stepped forward. “C’mon,” Leila slammed her leather fist into the palm of her hand. “Let’s go kick some Negaverse butt!”

“Sailor Scouts Away!” Mindy chimed in.

The five of them ran away from the crowd who all applauded for their act. As they stopped further down the street, Amy mentioned, “We could probably make some money doing these street shows!”

“Yeah right,” Leila jumped in. She saw the Zombieland bar down the street. “Hey, let’s go to Zombieland, what do you say?”

“Yeah why not?” Mindy added.

“All right then,” Sherry agreed, “Sailor Scouts away!” She started running towards the bar.

“Hey don’t go too crazy Sherry,” Rei shouted to her. All the girls laughed.

Sherry blushed, “Why are you so mean Rei?” She teasingly whined.

As they walked towards the club, they encountered another pair of girls walking towards the club. The girls were actually dressed as Sailor Scouts!

“Hey check it out,” Amy said, “Someone stealing our act?”

“No wait,” Sherry said, “I think they’re dressed as…” Sherry waved her hand and called out to the girls: “Hey Sailor Scouts!”

The two girls turned around. They were indeed dressed as Sailor Scouts, but not like them. One girl had short dirty-blonde hair with her collar, skirt and boots being navy blue. Her front bow was yellow. The other girl had long teal-dyed hair with her skirt, collar, and sandals being of the same color. Her bow was navy blue. Unlike the other girls, both were wearing short white leather gloves with the cuffs at the end. These were Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune respectively.

“Hey,” Sailor Uranus called out, “Sailor Moon.” She saw the other girls walking down. “And all of the Sailor Scouts!”

“Aw yes!” Sherry smiled, “Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus.”

Leila laughed slightly, “Ur-anus…”

“You decided to dress up as Sailor Scouts too?” The girl playing Sailor Neptune asked.

“Of course,” Sherry said. She introduced herself and the other girls.

“I’m Amber,” Sailor Uranus said. She then pointed to Sailor Neptune: “This is Michelle.”

“Hi,” Michelle said.

The girls all shook hands and made friends.

“We were just going to hit Zombieland,” Amy said.

“Awesome,” Amber said, “We’re going in too. Hey, why don’t we all go in together?”

“I was thinking the same thing,” Sherry said.

The girls continued to walk over to the bar. They weren’t sure if Amber and Michelle were lesbians, even though they were playing the only lesbian members of the Sailor Scouts. Nobody bothered to say anything. Sherry was hoping she might be able to get them to kiss each other before the night was over.

There was a bouncer in front of Zombieland who was not letting anybody in. “Ah c’mon,” An Elvis impersonator in line said, “I’m the king, you gotta let me in!”

The bouncer immediately saw all seven Sailor Scouts walk right up to him. He was probably very turned on because he raised the rail and let all seven of them in.

“Thank you,” Sherry said leading the pack in.

The bouncer nodded with a smile. Mindy noticed the Elvis impersonator as she walked in: “Hey Elvis, nice costume!”

“Thank you, thank you very much,” Elvis said still in line.

Amber and Michelle were the last two to walk in.

Zombieland was jumping. A rocking band was in the middle of playing Blue Oyster Cult’s “Don’t Fear the Reaper” when the girls all walked in the crowded bar. Everybody was wearing a costume.

“Wow,” Amy shouted, “This is awesome!”

“On Halloween night,” Leila shouted, “This is the place to be!”

“Let’s get on the dancefloor!” Sherry shouted.

The gang inched their way onto the crowded dancefloor. Luckily everyone made room for them. Suddenly, they were the center of attention. Guys were whistling at them, girls were admiring their costumes, and also some were whistling! They began to dance as the song came to a close.

“Thank you!” The lead singer said, dressed as Johnny Depp from Pirates of the Caribbean, “We’re Yellow Snow!” The girls all shouted, and the singer took special notice of them. “Hey,” he laughed, “Sailor Moon, very sexy costumes!” Everyone applauded the Sailor Scouts outfits. “Okay,” the singer continued, “This one’s just for you Sailor Moon girls!”

The guitar player, who was dressed as Angus Young, began the opening chords to AC/DC’s “Girls Got Rhythm.” The band had a smoking hot chick bass player dressed in goth clothing, along with a drummer and another guitarist. The band was really kicking ass.

On the dancefloor, a large space opened up for anyone to jump in and dance. A few guys and girls danced, including the Elvis impersonator who then ran away from security. Then Sherry dragged Amy into the empty spotlight just as the band hit the chorus: “THE GIRLS GOT RHYTHM!” Sherry twirled around with her pigtails hanging in the air. They got a nice applause from the crowd.

Then Mindy and Leila hit the dancefloor. Leila led Mindy into a exciting and romantic Spanish-like dance. As Leila dipped Mindy down, she extended her gloved hand out in the air for all to see. The beautiful long white leather gloved hand intoxicated the crowd. Leila continued to dance her ass off, throwing Mindy in the air and catching her, twirling her around like crazy and finally bringing her down to kiss her on the lips. The entire crowd erupted in applause over their dancing. Sherry and Amy came back onto to join in along with Rei, Amber, and Michelle. The Sailor Scouts were stealing the spotlight, and the girls did in fact have rhythm!

After two and a half broken hours of pulsing Halloween rock ‘n roll. The band had finished.

“Wow,” Sherry said sweating, “That was a lot of fun.”

“You want to go hang at the bar?” Amy asked her.

Sherry acquiesced, as did all the girls, except Amber and Michelle.

“Hey,” Michelle said, “We’re going to go to the little girls’ room. We’ll be back.”

“Take your time,” Mindy said.

The five Sailor Scouts made their way to the back of the club, where the bar was. They received a few compliments from the crowd about their costumes and dancing. Each one of the girls stood at the bar and got a beer.

“To an awesome Halloween,” Sherry toasted.

“To an awesome Halloween,” the other girls toasted and took a drink.

“It would be an awesome Halloween in your pants!” A drunk voice called out to the girls.

Sherry turned her head to see a row of guys on the barstools harassing them: “Are you girls whores?” “How much do you charge?” “Make me cum,” etc. Needless to say, the girls were quite annoyed at this.

“Over here,” Sherry lead the girls towards the exit where there were few people.

“Where are you going bitch?” One of the guys shouted out.

“Well,” Amy said to everyone, “I don’t need my computer to tell me that these guys are assholes.”

“They don’t even seem that drunk,” Rei said, “Usually guys are really drunk when they say stuff like that to me in the restaurant.”

“You know,” Sherry said, “Connie told me she used to go right up to drunk assholes like these and give them handjobs in public view in the bar to embarrass them.”

“I don’t think you’d be embarrassing them too much,” Rei said.

“Wait,” Leila interrupted, “That gives me an idea…”

There were four guys in a row sitting on the barstools. At the end, there was a girl, possibly one of their girlfriends, on the last stool. She was very annoyed that the guys were hassling the Sailor Scouts. Luckily, the girls came right up to them with Sherry in front.

“So,” she said, “You guys like to harass us?”

“Oh baby,” the guy sitting next to the girlfriend said, “You gotta come back to my place so I can fuck you!” Sherry gave the girlfriend a little wink. The girlfriend smiled.

“Well,” Sherry continued, “Since you guys are such horny bastards, maybe you’d like to cum right here and now!”

The guys were confused. “Wait,” one of the guys said, “What are you talking about?”

“Yeah,” another one said, “We can go back to my place or do it in the car.”

“In the name of the moon,” all the girls said in unison, “We shall punish you!” Sherry moved away to the end of the bar as the four other girls each unzipped the guys’ pants.

The guy who Leila had was especially freaked out, “Whoa wait, not here!”

“What the matter?” Leila teased while grabbing the collar of his shirt, “You don’t want anybody to see you cock? Is it really small?” Leila unzipped the guy’s pants and pulled out his penis. “Wow, this is small. No wonder you guys are such pricks.” She began to stroke his cock in her leather gloved hand. “Man this tiny cock barely fits in my gloved hand. I’m glad I’m a lesbian!”

The girls were jerking off all the guys in a row, all standing off to the side of them to ensure not getting any cum on their gloves or costumes. Sherry, on the other hand, pulled down the pants of the girl sitting at the end. The girl didn’t say anything. She knew what was coming.

“Your friends over there are gonna be quite embarrassed tonight!” Sherry told her. She reached inside and started playing with the girl’s pussy.

There the five Sailor Scouts were, giving handjobs at the bar. The crowd gathered around in pleasant shock. The girls began laughing at these guys as they all had small penises. Even the security did nothing to stop this amusing picture.

“That’s right,” Amy said who was right next to Sherry. The guy who’s dick she had was squirming. Amy even began slapping the guy’s cock; he squirmed in pain. “Don’t you love my leather gloves?” She stopped for one second and flashed her pussy in the guy’s face. “Don’t you wish you could have this?”

The guy attempted to touch Amy’s pussy, but Sherry slapped his hand with her moonwand while still giving the guy’s girlfriend a handjob. “Don’t even think about it buddy,” She said. “And don’t you feel like shit knowing that your girlfriend is going to cum from my gloved hands? You know you can never make her cum.” The girl was moaning from the pleasure coming from Sherry’s leather gloved hand in her pussy. The guy just had to sit there and take it.

Even Rei felt superior taking this man’s pride away as he was having his dick jerked on the barstool in a club.

While this was going on, Amber and Michelle emerged from the bathroom straitening out their gloves. They were intrigued by the commotion that was happening. What was going on? They rushed over to the bar and were shocked to see their five fellow Sailor Scouts giving handjobs in a row. They both laughed.

“What the fuck?” Amber laughed.

“Go Sailor Scouts!” Michelle shouted to them.

The place was going crazy as the guys were getting jerked off. Amber and Michelle decided they needed to get a little crazy. Very slowly, and hesitantly, Michelle and Amber kissed each other on the lips. The other Sailor Scouts could see them do this while jerking off the guys and encouraged them: “All right Sailor Uranus and Neptune!”

“Oh God!” One of the guys said while a pair of long leather gloves was jerking off his swollen dick.

“All right girls,” Sherry shouted to everyone, “Watch your gloves.” Sherry gloves were getting slightly wet as she rubbed the girl’s clit, but it was nothing too serious. The girl was cumming.

Meanwhile, Leila could feel the guy getting close. The guys let out a long scream and Leila got her gloves off of his cock just as sperm shot out. His cock was completely covered with cum. “That should teach you.” Leila couldn’t tell if the guy was satisfied or really embarrassed, but didn’t care either way. He was sitting down on a barstool in a public place with a crowd looking at his small cum-covered penis. Leila gave him a hard slap to the face with her leather gloves.

The rest of the Sailor Scouts got their gloves out of the way just in time before cum could envelop them. All of the guys came, two of them moaning in embarrassment.

Sherry made the girlfriend reach orgasm. She was the only one who felt fantastic about it. She looked into Sherry’s honest eyes and said, “Thank you!”

“Just remember,” Sherry said, “To choose your boyfriends a little more wisely.”

Sherry got up along with the other Sailor Scouts. Amber and Michelle joined them. “And now,” Sherry said, “We must be off.” And all seven of the girls ran out of the bar with applause echoing from the crowd. The four guys sat there not sure what had just happened.

Walking around outside, the girls were laughing at what had just happened.

“Did you see the look on that guy’s face when I made him cum?” Amy laughed.

“My guy had the funniest cross-eyes I’ve ever seen a guy give,” Rei explained.

“You girls are crazy,” Michelle said smiling.

“Oh,” Mindy said, “You’re not so innocent yourself Sailor Neptune. We saw you two kissing each other.”

“Well,” Amber laughed, “Something about Halloween makes us feel wild and crazy.”

“Well,” Sherry said, “Can we see you kiss again?”

Amber looked at Michelle. Their lips moved towards each other’s closer and closer until they touched. They made out like true lesbian lovers.

“Wow,” Michelle said, “That felt nice.”

“Michelle,” Amber said, “Your lips feel so soft.”

“I think there might be more to you guys kissing than the electric Halloween air…” Sherry said.

“Hey we better start heading back to the house,” Mindy said. “It’s getting late, and I think we all know what we want to do.”

“Indeed,” Amy smiled.

“You two want to come with us?” Sherry said to Michelle and Amber.

“Thanks,” Amber said, “But I think Michelle and I are going to head home.”

Everyone started laughing. “We understand completely,” Amy said.

The duo exchanged phone numbers with everyone. They would have to do this again. They kissed everyone good night.

“Come on Sailor Neptune,” Amber held her gloved hand out.

“Right with you Sailor Uranus,” Michelle clasped hands with her friend. The quintet watched the two of them walk down the street hand and hand. They kissed each other again.

“All right Sailor Scouts,” Sherry said, “Let’s go home.”

Sherry and Amy held each other’s hands and walked down the street. Leila held Mindy and Rei’s hands and followed close behind.


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