By Rachel & Jane

CHAPTER 3: Costume Shopping

It had appeared that the weather-man finally got something right: Saturday was a bright, sunny, warm day. Indeed, it was a nice change of pace from the cold cloudy days that enveloped the city.

Pike street was quite mellow, not too many people, so Sherry and Amy stuck out when they came around the corner. Sherry and Amy were dressed quite casually: t-shirts and jeans with regular walking shoes. Sherry was wearing red leather gloves, short ones, going slightly past the wrist. They were so thin, they almost looked like they were part of Sherry’s skin. Amy wore blue leather gloves, nearly identical to Sherry’s. She was also wearing black sunglasses. Amy and Sherry were walking hand in hand, or glove in glove.

“I can’t believe that old guy followed us to our car,” Sherry said.

“Yeah,” Amy replied, “Good thing I had The Killers to blast in the stereo.”

“That sure scared him off.”

“Maybe he wasn’t afraid of Korean soldiers in the war,” Amy laughed, “But he was sure afraid of ‘Mr. Brightside!’”

Both of them laughed. Amy looked up to see the store: CONNIE’S COSTUMES. They had been there before.

“All right,” Sherry said. “Should we wait for the others?”

Sherry pushed Amy against the wall and began to kiss her. Amy put her arms around her. They stood outside making out for all the pedestrians and drivers to see. Amy brought her gloved hands underneath Sherry’s shirt to feel her breasts. Everyone who walked by could not help but stare.

“Oh,” Sherry sighed, “Your gloves feel so good against my tits!”

They continued on for a little while before they were interrupted by a car horn. “Hey get a room you two!” A familiar voice said. Sherry turned around to see a Prius parked ajar to them. The voice came from Leila, behind the wheel, leaning out the window smiling and laughing. Mindy was in the passengers seat also laughing.

“Oh,” Sherry moaned, “You guys are so mean!”

Mindy stepped out of the car still laughing. Mindy was wearing a tank-top with blue jeans and sandals. She had her long blonde hair hanging down, and on her hands was a pair of short orange leather gloves. “So this is the place?”

“Yeah,” Amy said as she took her hands out of Sherry’s shirt, “We came here last time.” She began to straiten out her gloves.

“Last year,” Sherry finished her thought, “We were a pair of sexy nurses. We had tight mini-skirts and wore latex gloves all night.”

Leila was putting coins in the meter.

“Later that night,” Sherry continued, “We made love with our latex gloves on the whole night. We came so much, we lost track of time.”

Mindy was very interested in this story. Leila stepped in to see her friends. She was dressed in a green t-shirt and buttonfly jeans. She had regular shoes on, and also wore a white Seahawks cap. She was also wearing green leather driving gloves. “Hey,” Leila interrupted, “Where’s Rei-tress?” She was obviously talking about Rei.

“I think that’s her bus right there,” Amy pointed to a bus stop with her blue leather gloves.

The girls saw the bus pulled up and people getting off. Rei stepped off and walked toward the girls. She had her hair back in a knot. She was wearing a baggy t-shirt over black conservative pants with black shoes. She was wearing white gloves. What happened to her black ones?

“Hey guys,” Rei waved slightly. Her gloves revealed to be the white cotton gloves she wore everyday. They were nice, but still not leather.

“Hey Rei,” everyone said in near unison waving their leather gloves.

Rei caught up with them.

“Hey,” Sherry pointed to Rei’s hands, “What happened to those gloves I gave you?”

“I told you we were wearing leather today.” Amy said.

Leila tried to stick her gloved hands down Mindy’s pants. Mindy laughed and tried to stop her as if to say, ‘Not Here.’

Rei frowned slightly. “Well,” she tried to say, “I couldn’t wear them out. They got dirty.”

Everyone looked at her surprisingly.

“Dirty?” Sherry repeated.

“Yeah,” Rei said, “Sorry Sherry. I got a little carried away.”

“Wait,” Mindy interrupted. “Did you play with yourself with those gloves on?”

Rei’s face was suddenly overcome with embarrassment. However, the girls began laughing. They were quite excited about this.

“You did?” Sherry smiled, “Oh tell us about it!”

“Oh,” Rei said softly, “I don’t want to.”

“You gotta tell us now,” Amy raised her arms.

Rei sighed and decided to tell the story:

“Well I got home. You know it’s been so lonely at home since my boyfriend moved out. I took off my waitress uniform. I looked in the mirror, and I still had on my underwear (bra and thong, both black) and the black leather gloves you gave me. I’ve never really worn leather gloves before. And looking in the mirror, it made me feel different. It made me feel almost like Sailor Mars.

“So I started doing some of my martial art moves and stuff like Sailor Mars and got very sweaty and hot. I decided to take off my bra. I unhooked it and felt my breasts with my leather gloves. I’ve never felt something like that before. It felt so good against my skin; the soft leather against my hard nipples.

“I lied down on the bed. I really wanted to play with pussy, but I didn’t want to take the gloves off, they felt so good. Without even thinking, I just started rubbing my belly. The cold touch of the gloves gave me a sensation I’ve never felt before. I touched lower and lower until I reached into my panties. Then I felt my pussy. At first I just rubbed it a little thinking that would be it. But… the gloves… they felt… I can’t describe it. It was so fucking good!

“I couldn’t take it anymore. I took off my panties, and I began to touch my clitoris. I’ve touched my clitoris probably about a million times in my life, but never like this. The leather glove tickling my clitoris was so stimulating. I went on like that for a long time. Then I decided to dig deeper. I put a finger in my vagina. I’ve had a doctor’s latex glove in there before, but never a leather glove. I stuck it in and out very slowly. With my other hand, I kept rubbing my clit. It felt so amazing, I put two fingers in my pussy. I hit my g-spot and started rubbing faster. Oh my God, faster and faster and faster…”

As Rei told the story, she was almost getting wet again. She started to touch herself, but stopped to control her urges. She hesitated. The other girls were watching her in near disbelief.

“Well…” She continued, “After about an hour of that, I must have reached orgasm like ten times. It was the greatest feeling I’ve ever felt in my life. The next thing I know, it’s Saturday morning, and the gloves are completely stained with cum. I knew I couldn’t wear those out, and you wanted me to wear gloves, so I grabbed my work gloves. Sorry everybody.”

Everybody was silent. Finally, Sherry said something:

“Wow! That’s amazing. You rock Rei!”

Everybody in the group applauded her.

“I’m sorry about the gloves,” Rei apologized to Sherry, “I’ll get them cleaned for you.”

“Hey don’t worry about it Rei,” Sherry said smiling, “I have cum-stained gloves at home that need to be cleaned. I’m glad you had fun with them. Don’t gloves feel better than fingers?”

“Well,” Rei said, “Actually they do.”

“Imagine if my leather gloves did that to you,” Amy said wiggling her gloved fingers in the air.

“Or mine,” Leila interjected.

Rei was a little embarrassed. Luckily, Sherry kept the group on schedule:

“All right let’s get going. We got a lot of work to do.”

The costume shop was not very crowded. The girls must have beaten the rush. They looked around the exciting looking costume shop. There were lots of costumes for kids, Pirates, Indians, Nurses, so many. There were toy spiders on the floor, rubber snakes wrapped around the shelves, fake cobwebs, a Halloween lover’s dream.

Of course none of this stuff appealed to the young adults walking around the room.

Amy walked by the sunglasses section. She loved sunglasses a lot, even though she usually didn’t get much of a chance to wear them. One particular pair intrigued her, a pair of blue tinted goggles. Amy had thought back to the episodes of Sailor Moon she used to watch and remembered Sailor Mercury’s computer, which she looked at with her special goggles. Amy took off her sunglasses and tried on the goggles. Looking at them in the mirror, they were the exact kind of specs Mercury wore. Amy even took out her blackberry. Sailor Mercury’s computer had been found.

Mindy found an enormous red bow, very similar to Sailor Venus’ bow. She put the bow in her long blonde hair. She looked exactly like Sailor Venus. She wouldn’t need a wig. Awesome!

Sherry went to the counter looking for the owner. “Uh,” she called out, “Connie?”

Out of nowhere came a woman, in her 40s, wearing a vampire-like outfit. She was also wearing long black leather gloves. “Yes?” She answered.

“Hi I dunno if you remember me,” Sherry started, “But last year, my girlfriend and I-“

“Sherry,” Connie interrupted her. “I remember you.” She gave her a hug happy to see her. “It’s been so long. How are you and your girl doing?”

“Doing great,” Sherry said. “We’re looking to be the Sailor Scouts from Sailor Moon this year.”

“Ah, good choice. Well don’t bother looking at the cheap costumes out in display. I have the real costumes in the back.” Connie turned around and headed towards the back. Sherry waited patiently.

Meanwhile, Amy and Leila had made their way towards the wigs. There was quite a selection. Amy paced the floor eyeballing all the strange wigs until she found one: a short blue wig. The label on the manikin read “Sailor Mercury.” Amy pulled the wig off the manikin and tried it on. She tucked her black hair underneath the blue wig. “Well,” She said to Leila, “How do I look?”

Leila took a look at Amy. She was holding a wig reminiscent of Sailor Jupiter. “Hey,” she said, “That looks pretty good!”

Amy ran over towards the mirror to see how she looked. It fit her like a glove. She smiled realizing that she was going to have an authentic Sailor Mercury costume for Halloween with this wig.

Mindy came up behind Leila who was fidgeting with the long brown wig she had found. It was not an authentic Sailor Jupiter wig, but she had the idea that she could make it work. “Think that would work?” Mindy asked.

Leila took of her cap to reveal her short brown hair. “Only one way to find out…” Leila said.

Connie finally came out of the back with five Sailor Scout dresses to show Sherry. Connie put them all down on the counter and picked up the first costume. “Feast you eyes on this,” Connie gloated. She held up the Sailor Moon costume.

Sherry’s eyes lit up. It was vastly superior to the cheaply made costume she had worn as a child. The white sailor leotard was attached to a short blue mini-skirt (just below the panty-line) and a blue naval collar with white stripes. On the leotard was a big red bow with a small gold-looking prism in the middle. There was another large bow on the back of the skirt. It was perfect.

There were accessories on the table as well: The tiara, the red choker with the crescent moon symbol, shiny gold-colored earrings shaped like crescent moons, the crescent moon wand, a pair of knee-high red high heeled boots, and of course those familiar elbow length gloves with the rolled red armband cuffs at end of the gloves. They were cotton.

“Oh my God,” Sherry said, “It’s perfect!” She picked up the costume.

“It should fit you all right,” Connie explained. “You may need to make a couple adjustments. Anyway, I’ve got all the costumes here, I just need the other girls’ measurements.”

Amy came up behind her with her wig still on. “Well,” she got Sherry’s attention, “What do you think-“ She stopped when she saw the costume Sherry was holding. “Oh wow, that is cool!”

“Nice wig,” Sherry smiled at her.

“Yeah.” Amy straitened her wig. “I couldn’t find a Sailor Moon wig.”

“I was just about to show that to you,” Connie said pulling a wig manikin out from under the desk. It was an authentic blonde Sailor Moon wig: The Odango hair-cut (with the red covers over them) and long pigtails.

“Oh you’re good,” Sherry laughed. She picked up the manikin and everything else. “Can I try this all on Connie?”

“Sure,” she replied pointing to the corner, “Dressing room is over there.”

Sherry disappeared into the dressing room. Rei came up behind Amy almost laughing at her wig. “I guess you found the right wig.”

“Okay girls,” Connie said, “What sizes do you all wear?”

Amy gave Connie her measurements. Rei did the same. Mindy and Leila came over and gave their measurements. Connie must have been a psychic because she got all the right costumes out the first time. Amy, Rei, Mindy and even the tall Leila had the perfect fits for their costumes. Mindy and Amy tried on their tiaras and jewelry. Leila showed her wig to Connie, who began to style it in a ponytail for her. Rei picked up the costume and simply examined it.

In the midst of their excitement, they heard a voice say “I am Sailor Moon!” They turned around to see Sherry in her Sailor Moon costume giving the Sailor Moon salute. She looked exactly like her! “In the name of the moon,” she imitated, “I shall punish you!”

All the girls applauded for her near-likeness.

“Wow,” Amy said, “You look great.”

“This is great,” Sherry said looking at her costume. She continued to receive compliments from the other girls while she looked at her gloves. “Except,” she paused, “I’m not crazy about these gloves.”

“Well those are the authentic gloves,” Connie replied.

“You just wish they were leather,” Amy said.

“Exactly,” Sherry said. “I know these are authentic and everything, but I really want to wear leather gloves for Halloween.”

“But where are you going to get leather gloves like that?” Rei interjected.

Connie snickered. “Sherry,” she gestured for her to follow her. “Come to the back with me.”

There was silence. Sherry looked at her friends and followed Connie to the back.

The back was crowded with all sorts of costumes. Connie opened a drawer. Sherry looked inside and saw a huge collection of leather gloves. Connie pulled out a pair that made Sherry tingle; a pair of long white leather gloves. They looked like a pair of gloves Jackie Kennedy would have worn.

“Oh my God,” Sherry said softly, “These are beautiful.” Holding the gloves, seeing the perfectly creased light fingers of the leather gloves fall at the edge of her own fingers was making her wet. “Connie, I don’t think I can use these.”

“Sure you can,” Connie smiled, “Just take the cuffs off of the gloves you have on and put them on these beauties.” She paused as Sherry stared at the gloves. “You’re getting wet aren’t you?”

Sherry was shocked to hear Connie say that. She looked at the store-owner confused.

“Sherry,” Connie said, “I know a glove lover when I see one. I’m a glove fetishist myself.” She lifted her gloved hands. “Halloween is always a great time of year, a perfect excuse to bring out a pair of opera-length leather gloves. You wear those any other time of the year, people look at you funny. But on Halloween night, you can get away with anything, even going into the bars and giving guys handjobs with the leather gloves on.”

“Are you serious?” Sherry asked.

“Very,” Connie continued, “Not that I get much joy out of doing something like that. I see the guys looking at me, thinking they want to fuck me or something. So I go right up to them with the gloves on, jerk them off, and leave them there embarrassed.”

“Didn’t the gloves get dirty?”

“Well I had be careful, because a lot of times when I went home I wanted to masturbate with the gloves on, and obviously I didn’t want any cum on them. But if you watch the guy and pay attention, you can jerk him off without getting your gloves dirty, just get your hand out of there fast enough.”

“I’m not a fan of giving handjobs,” said Sherry. “The other girls might find it amusing, but I love pussy and nothing else.”

“Well,” Connie continued, “One time I did a girl at a bar, and that was a night I’ll never forget. She was with her boyfriend, but she wanted to cum so badly. So I gave her a leather gloved handjob, she came harder than her boyfriend could ever make her cum.”

“Well anyway,” Connie gathered her thoughts, “I have five pairs of these. You girls take them for Halloween.”

“I’m not sure we can all afford it.”

“I’ll give you guys a deal. I’m a married girl with kids, I can’t go out and have fun the way I used to, but you still can.” She handed Sherry four more pairs of leather gloves.

“Thank you so much Connie,” Sherry said. She gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“You’re welcome Sailor Moon.” Sherry was about to slip on the leather gloves, but Connie stopped her. “Not until Halloween baby.”

CHAPTER 4: What are they doing?

Leila opened the door to her and Mindy’s house. It was a very nice cozy place. All the girls walked in carrying bags: “CONNIE’S COSTUMES.”

“Well that was great,” Mindy said to everyone. “I can’t believe we got all this stuff for such a good price.”

“I can’t believe,” Amy interjected looking at Sherry, “Connie let us have those leather gloves so cheap. I can’t wait to wear them”

“Well,” Sherry said back in her street clothes and black leather gloves, “She said not to wear them until Halloween.”

“Well,” Mindy said, “Let’s get working on our costumes. I think we only have a few adjustments to make.”

The costumes were coming together nicely. Sherry’s Sailor Moon outfit was ready from the get-go. The other costumes needed simple hemming, which was easy thanks to Mindy’s sewing machine. Leila was nearly done finishing up the Sailor Jupiter wig. She tied the high ponytail with a two green-pearled hair-tie. Leila placed the wig over her short hair.

“Looks good,” Mindy said smiling, she had the red bow-tie in her hair.

“Meh,” Leila grunted, “I feel like a little girl.”

“I think it looks hot,” Mindy got up from the sewing machine. “I’ve always wanted to see you in long hair.”

“Well you know me,” Leila said, “I’m not exactly the feminine type. Still I guess this isn’t so bad.” Leila smiled at Mindy mischievously.

Mindy raised her eyebrows. She knew exactly what her wife wanted. “Hey guys,” Mindy said, “We’ll be back in a little while, we’re just going to the bedroom.”

“Understood completely,” Sherry said. “We’ll finish up, we’re almost done.”

“Have fun you two,” Amy added.

The tall long-haired Leila took Mindy’s hand and led her into the bedroom.

Rei watched them walk away with curiosity. She still had her cotton gloves on while getting the rolled cuffs off of the costume gloves.

“Are,” Rei blurted out, “They… going to… What are they doing?”

Sherry and Amy stared at her not knowing what to say. They looked to each other. Finally Amy looked to her and replied, “Well they ain’t serving food.” Both of them laughed. Rei was confused, but she tried to ignore the joke. Still, her curiosity was getting the better of her.

Ten minutes had passed since Mindy and Leila had left the living room. Rei had a pretty good idea what they were doing, but her curiosity was still driving her nuts.

“All right,” Sherry said looking at the Mercury costume. “I think we’re all done.”

Rei got up, “Hey, I’m going to use to the bathroom.”

“Have fun,” Amy said looking at her Mercury costume. Rei walked to the bathroom.

Sherry immediately grabbed Amy’s face and started making out with her. They kissed passionately and grabbed each other’s boobs.

Rei walked out of the bathroom and decided to look around the house. She followed a corridor to the door of the master bedroom. She could hear moaning and faint panting from behind the door. Her curiosity finally got the better of her. Rei slowly turned the doorknob with her cotton gloves. She slowly opened the door trying not to make a sound. She peaked inside and was surprised.

Mindy and Leila were on the king sized bed fucking each other! The bed was huge and the room was big too. Mindy was completely naked, but she was now wearing elbow length red leather gloves and the bow-tie still in her hair. Leila wore nothing but her wig and a pair of elbow length black leather gloves.

Leila and Mindy were fucking each other with a double dildo. They were also rubbing each other’s clits with their leather gloves. Mindy had the body of a goddess, beautiful breasts, skinny abdomen, tight ass, and long legs. Leila looked quite different: muscular and lean, six pack abs and well-defined muscles. Her boobs were smaller in comparison, yet firm. Her long lean figure was very desirable. Her wig was still on.

“OH fuck me Leila!” Mindy moaned. “You turn me on so much. Your leather gloves feel so good against my pussy! And your long hair is making me so wet!”

“Oh,” Leila moaned back, “Yes Mindy! Cum for me baby. Cum for me and I may just start growing my hair out for you!”

“Oh my God Leila, you’re making me cum! You’re making me cum!”

Rei had never seen two girls make love in person, only in porn-movies. Rei couldn’t look away. Watching these girls with leather gloves on was a sight for sore-eyes. She was so enticed by these girls. She began to feel her pussy outside her pants with her cotton gloves still on. She was actually getting excited watching this. Was she actually a lesbian? She leaned further into the doorway to watch her friends.

Mindy and Leila moaned as they reached orgasm. Leila slowly pulled the double dildo out of her pussy, leaving it inside Mindy, and crawled on top of her wife to kiss her. She rubbed her leather gloves against Mindy’s breasts.

“Wow,” Mindy said in-between kisses, “I needed that. Can you remember the last time we fucked each other without gloves on?”

“Are you kidding?” Leila laughed, “We’ve never fucked each other without our gloves on!”

“Oh yeah,” Mindy laughed. And they continued to make out.

Rei was still rubbing her pussy outside her pants when Leila, with her eyes closed, said, “Enjoying yourself Rei?”

Rei gasped. She had been caught. What should she do?

“We know you’ve been there the whole time,” Mindy said.

Leila finally turned to the door, “Get in here.”

Rei slowly walked in. She didn’t know what was going to happen.

Leila got up first. She removed her wig. Mindy pulled the double dildo out of her pussy and stood up. “Well well well,” Leila said approaching Rei. “Don’t you know it’s rude to intrude?” She teased her.

“We shall punish you!” Mindy mimicked.

Rei didn’t know what to say.

“Take off your clothes,” Leila said.

“What?” Rei blurted out.

“Take off your clothes Rei,” Mindy repeated.

“No,” Rei said, “Girls you know I’m not a lesbian.”

“Really?” Leila said, “Then what were you doing watching us? Seems to me a strait girl wouldn’t want to watch a lesbian couple have sex.”

“Rei,” Mindy said, “Look you’ve been dating guy after guy and getting nowhere. We know you love our gloves. Just this once, be a little adventurous.”

“I dunno,” Rei said unsure. “I’m a little nervous.”

“Be like Sailor Mars,” Mindy said, “Sailor Mars is never nervous or scared. Be Sailor Mars.”

“A lesbian Sailor Mars,” Leila interrupted.

Rei couldn’t help but be intrigued by the idea of getting naked with a couple of girls. She knew them well; they were friends. Why couldn’t she do it just this once? Maybe it would feel good. She began to take her shirt off.

“All right,” Leila said.

Rei’s topless body revealed a fit body with a nice pair of boobs under her bra.

“May I?” Mindy asked Rei.

Rei didn’t do anything as Mindy took off her bra. Rei instinctively covered her breasts with her hands. Leila grabbed a hold of them and looked at Rei’s boobs. They were quite big and her nipples were very hard. Leila began to lightly touch Rei’s breasts with her leather-gloved fingers. Rei breathed deeply and closed her eyes as she felt the warm feeling of leather on her breasts. Leila began to squeeze them.

“Oh God!” Rei said.

“Let me finish up here,” Mindy said. Mindy crouched down till she was face to face with Rei’s abdomen. She unbuttoned Rei’s jeans very slowly. “You know,” Mindy said to her, “I’ve been wearing gloves my whole life. Ever since I was a little girl and first wore my mom’s leather gloves. I’ve been wearing them so long, there’s probably nothing I can’t do with my leather gloves. I can unbutton pants, I can type on a computer, I can do office work, and… well you’ll see.”

Mindy pulled Rei’s pants down all the way. She began to feel her pussy outside her white panties. Rei started to moan. Mindy grabbed her panties.

“Um,” Rei said, “I’m not so sure about that.”

Leila shushed her and began to lick her nipples. Rei let out a low scream. Mindy finally pulled down Rei’s panties. She was already quite wet. She licked her clit.

“Whoa!” Rei said in shock.

“She liked it!” Leila laughed.

“I’ve never had a girl lick my pussy before,” Rei said. “Actually come to think of it, I’ve never had a guy lick it either.”

“Well,” Mindy said, “Today is your lucky day!” Mindy continued to lick Rei’s pussy. Rei felt pleasure she had never felt before. Not even her boyfriend was able to get her this excited. Mindy stopped licking her: “You know, licking is good, but I think you’ll enjoy this more.”

Mindy took her leather-gloved finger and shoved it into Rei’s tight pussy.

“OH!” Rei shouted.

Mindy shoved her finger in and out of Rei’s pussy faster and faster. Leila continued licking and squeezing her tits. Rei began moaning louder and louder. She was really wet. Mindy rammed her gloved finger faster into Rei’s pussy.

“Oh please,” Rei said, “More, more!”

Mindy’s leather glove continued to fuck Rei. Rei began to scream. A sudden squirt of cum shot out of Rei’s pussy onto Mindy’s gloves. Rei moaned.

“Wow,” Mindy laughed. She took her finger out of Rei’s pussy and rubbed her leather hands together. “You really needed to cum!”

Rei could not find the right words to say. She had never experienced an orgasm like that before. No man could have ever given her that kind of satisfaction. Rei smiled. She did feel a little like Sailor Mars having overcome her fears.

“Rei baby,” Leila said taking her hands off her breasts, “You lost your lesbian virginity!”

“That felt so good,” Rei said rubbing her breasts with her white gloves.

Mindy stood up. “C’mon,” she said, “Let’s get back out there.” Mindy started walking towards the door.

“Wait a minute,” Rei said to a naked Leila, “You’re not going out there like that are you?”

“Of course not,” Leila said. Leila grabbed her Sailor Jupiter wig and put it back on. “There we go.” She grabbed Rei’s hand and led the naked girl back

As the three of them walked into the living room, they saw a naked Sherry and naked Amy giving each other 69 with their short leather gloves still on. They had both just reached orgasm when the trio came in. The couple moaned in pleasure.

“Ahem,” Mindy folder her leather arms together.

Sherry, on top, looked to the three of them, “Hey, what took you so long-“ she paused, “Rei? What did you two do to her?”

“We popped her cherry,” Leila said.

Sherry and Amy both got up. “Are you fucking kidding me?” Amy blurted out.

“Can’t you see the cum dripping out of her pussy?” Mindy asked.

Sherry walked over and felt Rei’s pussy. It was still wet. “Wow,” Sherry was shocked to hear this. “Well Rei, how was it?”

“It was amazing,” Rei said. “I guess I now see why you guys are lesbians.”

“You think you might be a lesbian?” Amy asked.

“I’m not sure,” Rei shrugged her shoulders.

“Well,” Sherry said, “I think this Halloween may be very enlightening for you Rei.”

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