The Wedding


Continued from the end of “The Mall”.


My Wife suggested I shower since we had just made love saying “maybe that will make you a little less anxious”.  I just stood there though, watching my Wife slowly pull her Kid Leather Gloves off and carefully place them in their box.  She then sat on the edge of our bed and said, “before you shower help me get these Boots off”.  I quickly knelt in front of her trying desperately to touch my penis to her boot.  Since She was fully satisfied and not super excited like I was so She pickup up on that immediately and began hitting the head of my penis with the pointed toe of her boot.  I was so excited I was pumping up and down desperately trying to rub on some part of the boot.  My Wife then laughed out load saying “look at you, that’s so cute, keep doing that”.  It was so frustrating, I couldn’t make contact with anything and I was so excited!  I thought for a moment that my Wife felt sorry for me as She told me to lean back against the dresser.  She then moved the bottom of the boot over my penis and lightly began to rub.  She rubbed for a short period of time and occasionally the boot heel dug into my testicals, I wish that was on purpose but I don’t think it was as we had never done this before.  She must have noticed that my face began to contort so She abruptly pulled her Boot away saying “you didn’t think I was going to finish you did you”?  I responded “please Honey your killing me”!  She then laughed again and said “unzip my Boots” which I did.  As I was handing her the second boot She said “you’d better shower… and no touching yourself in there”!  I responded that I wouldn’t and headed toward the bathroom.


As I exited the shower my Wife passed me in her bathrobe and said “that’s a little better” and scratched my chest hair with her long nails.  My penis immediately responded so She said “you really got a problem there don’t you, well maybe I can help later if your good”.  She got in the shower and I got dressed and sat on the couch.

After about an hour She emerged from the bedroom wearing a black turtle neck sweater, black stretch pants and stocking feet.  She walked over to me, reached down, felt my crotch and said “still hard honey” before I could respond She said “Oh! I guess so”. She stood up straight and said “why don’t see if we can get a room for tonight at the Marriott” which was right next to the hall the wedding reception was set for.  I readily agreed and made the reservation.  It’s very common in the US for friends to only attend the wedding reception, and that was the plan.  The next time we crossed paths She hugged me saying She would “stop teasing me with those bad old Kid Gloves for a while”.  She then returned to the bedroom and I returned to the couch quite frustrated.

Just as I thought I would be OK She came walking from the bedroom pulling on her shorter Black Napa Leather Gloves.  She casually walked by me and sat on the love seat, picked up a magazine and began to flip though the pages!  I just starred at her.  She looked over the top of the magazine and said “comfortable honey”?  I started to get up but She motioned me to stay put saying “what…I thought you liked this”?  I responded that I most definitely did but thought She was going to give me a break.  She just smiled and said “well… I didn’t say anything about not using these Gloves did I”?  The afternoon was spent watching her casually walk around the house wearing her Gloves.  When She had a snack She slowly pulled them off and carefully set them next to her as She ate.  She pulled them back on shortly after knowing I was watching all these erotic gestures.

Time went by slowly as I watched her every move, and finally it was getting close to the time we had to leave for the reception.  My Wife called me to the bedroom and showed me that She had packed all our things for the night.  Two garment bags were lying on the bed and a suitcase.  My Wife pointed to the bags with her Gloved finger and said my suit was in one and her things were in the other.  She assured me we had everything we would need.  She then walked into the closed and emerged carrying her Boots.  She told me to help her get them on.  I kneeled in front of her and helper her slide her feet in.  I had to zip them as She said She didn’t want to take off her Gloves.  I helped her put on her full length Leather coat.  As I put on my coat She said, “Get the bags” and pointed towards the door.  She picked up the suitcase and I followed her Leather clad bewitching figure out with the two garment bags in hand.

When we arrived at the hotel She told me to pull up, let her out and then park the car.  When I struggled into the lobby with the two garment bags and the suitcase, She was sitting on a couch across the lobby with her legs crossed rocking a boot back and forth impatiently.  I have to say I was mesmerized.  I set the bags down next to her and She motioned me to the desk to go check in, which I did.  I came back and She extended her Glove to me to help her up, She wobbled a little as the boot heels were so high.  I picked up the bags and followed her to the elevator, She carried her purse.

Well the best and the worst thing happened.  We were alone in the elevator and my Wife went right to work, pushing my coat aside and rubbing me through my pants.  She was driving me crazy.  Finally the door opened and we walked to our room.  She took the key from my coat pocket and opened the door.  I set the bags down and we embraced.  I was trying to rub on her coat and we were kissing deeply.  She abruptly pulled away saying “time to get dressed”.  She left me with my bag and teetered into the bathroom with the other two.  I listened at the closed door and heard her remove her coat and unzip her Boots.  She startled me when She yelled, “Are you getting dressed”?  I responded yes and changed into my suit.  I asked if She had my dress shoes in the suitcase and She replied She had all the shoes and toiletries with her.  When She emerged from the bathroom She was wearing a red trimmed knit dress that went to her knees, and of course the mid heeled velvet wedding shoes that matched her purse.  She turned her back to me and said “what do you think”?  She was wearing black seamed stockings and She lifted the dress and showed me She wasn’t wearing any panties.  I just stood and stared.  She then said “who knows, you might get lucky later”.  She dropped her dress and went into the bathroom.  She came out holding my shoes and her short Gloves.  She slowly pulled the Gloves on as I stumbled to put on my shoes and watch her at the same time.  I again helped her with her Leather coat and we left for the reception.


We walked through the lobby arm in arm and then down the street to the reception hall.  We entered and my Wife took off her Gloves and placed them inside her purse.  We checked the coats and entered the hall.  For the most part the reception was uneventful.  All I wanted to do was head back to the hotel, but my Wife made small talk with friends and the people at our table.  About half way through my Wife opened her purse and coyly put her Gloves on the table as She removed a tissue.  Fortunately for me She put them right back.  When She did so She smiled that evil smile at me.

I then asked my Wife to dance.  We danced close and She whispered in my ear “are you hard right now”? I replied that I sure was.  She said She wanted me to have a few drinks in order to “slow me down, after all I don’t want a premature ending to the evening.  My Wife went to the bar as I sat down and brought back two gin and tonics.  She whispered in my ear to drink them both, as we would be leaving soon.

My Wife finally said the magic words “lets go”.  I handed the coat check guy my ticket and then watched my Wife remove the Gloves from her purse and slowly pull them on.  I helped her with her coat and I practically dragged her back to the hotel.  Unfortunately we were not alone in the elevator and the ride took forever.  We got off and I just about carried her to the room, I fumbled with the door key and then we were in.  I was literally all over her.  We were kissing deeply and She was undoing my pants.  She then stood back and told me to strip which took about a second.  My Wife had not yet removed any clothing and moved closer extending her Glove and picking up my penis.  She squeezed very vigorously which She knows I love.  She stopped and I helped her off with her coat.  She then went into the bathroom.  I pressed my ear against the door and heard her zipper her Boots.  A few seconds later the door opened and my Wife stood in front of me wearing the stockings; Boots and holding her 8 button length Black Kid Leather Gloves in her perfectly manicured hands.  She smiled and slowly pulled the Gloves on over the dress.  She stood in front of me looking absolutely perfect.

She was about to do what I really love, and what She is really good at, cause some pain.  She reached out and held my penis in her left Glove.  With her right Glove She seized my foreskin and stretched it away from my penis all the while vigorously twisting the skin between her thumb and forefinger.  I felt lightheaded and almost fell over.  She continued for about 2 minutes until I almost unloaded.  She let go and guided me towards the bed.  I put my hand between her legs and She was soaked.  She then allowed me to mount her.  I pumped incessantly, only stopping to prevent ejaculation.  I could feel my Wife orgasm at least twice.  After about 15 minutes I once again stopped to prevent unloading and She said it was “My turn”.  I rolled off and grabbed a towel.  I dried myself off.  I was cool in the room so I dried quickly.  My Wife asked if I was ready, I told her I was.  She got up stood next to the bed, and told me to slide over to Her.  When I did She reached out with her right Glove and ever so lightly began rubbing my penis using the space between her nails and her fingertips.  She was barely touching me, which I love.  She then moved the Glove rubbing with the fingers, palm, wrist, and shaft.  When She knew I could no longer stand it She smiled warmly, and rubbed just a little harder with her fingertips.  As you would have guessed I finally exploded.  Sperm flew and hit the pillow behind my head.  It was pooled up on my neck and was all over my stomach.  After a while my beautiful Wife stopped stroking and just kept modest pressure on my penis allowing the final contractions of the ejaculation to finish.

I just lay there exhausted.  She undressed and climbed in bed.  Her Boots, dress, stockings, and Gloves were thrown on the chair next to the bed.  We fell asleep.  I awoke to my Wife sitting on the edge of the bed pulling on Her Gloves.  She turned and woke me up by rubbing my penis.  I was already hard at the sound of her pulling on her Gloves.  She didn’t tease me very long and allowed me to ejaculate quickly.  I was fully sated.

Since that time my Wife has been in one of those moods almost annually.  The next time involved her purchasing a pair of 16 Button Length Black Kid Leather Gloves without my knowledge.  I’ll try and write about that soon.