Leather Gloved Dom


I reflected on the earlier phone conversation.   At last I had had the courage to explain exactly what I wanted from a dominatrix and she had listened intently.   From her website, the Mistress looked and sounded the vision of my dreams.   Tall and powerful with a large leather wardrobe, including a large collection of leather gloves.   The clock had seemed to move painfully slowly towards the hour of the appointment.   I was a bundle of nerves as I sat in my car waiting for the time to pass at a location given to me by the Mistress.   The last five minutes seemed to take forever.  But at last the second hand moved into place and I pushed the send button on my cell phone.   It seemed to take an age before a connection was made, but eventually the phone started to ring.   I felt weak  from the tension as the phone continued to ring.   Please, please answer the phone I begged.   After what seemed an eternity, the phone was answered and I instantly recognised the voice of Mistress Tanya.   "Yes" she answered in an imperious tone.   "Good afternoon Mistress.   Its David.   I'm ringing as you requested" I stammered struggling to get the words out.   The Mistress gave me the final instructions to find her apartment which I managed to confirm and then locking my car, set off on foot.

The instructions were perfectly clear and I managed to find her apartment block within five minutes.   It was an old, turn of the century building of decent architecture.   There was a communal entrance with a large number of individual doorbells.   With trepidation, I followed the instructions and pushed the bell of the Mistress's apartment.   Immediately there was a click as the lock on the front door was released and I entered the building.   As instructed I found the stairs and climbed them to the third floor.   Turn left at the top of the stairs and follow the corridor to the end.   Her apartment was the last one on the left.    My heart was beating at a furious pace as I neared the door.   With trepidation, I gently knocked on the door.   Instantly the door opened, almost magically as there was no person visible.   I walked in and the door closed behind me.   I turned to see Mistress Tanya.   I could see instantly why she wasn't visible at the door.   Her outfit would certainly have raised eyebrows.

Mistress Tanya was dressed in a tight fitting leather bustier with matching leather miniskirt.   She wore a magnificent pair of leather platformed thigh boots with an incredible high heel.   And finally, to my sheer joy, a tight fitting pair of black leather gloves that reached well above her elbows.   She looked magnificent.   Her website didn't do her justice.   At 5'10" in her bare feet, she positively dwarfed me in her heels.   Her raven coloured hair framed an attractive made up face, with perfect red lipstick.   A slight smile was spread across her face as she eyed me up.   What I looked like probably wasn't that important to her, but I hope that she at least found me presentable.   I am 5'8" and weigh around 150 pounds and I'm in pretty good shape.   What struck me about Mistress Tanya other than the fantastic outfit was her physique.   She must work out very regularly I thought as I took in every curve of her body.

"By the look on your face, I think I meet with your approval David".

"Oh yes Mistress" I managed to squeak though a very dry mouth."

"Well lets go and sit down and have a little chat.   Would you like a coffee or some water".

"Water would be nice" I said as I started to relax a little more.

She led me through the hall to the living room which was very nicely furnished.   "Please take a seat while I get you your water".   She indicated a chair with a leather gloved hand and left me momentarily while she went to get the drink.   She soon returned and handed me a glass of water.   She took a seat opposite me making herself comfortable before launching into a series of questions.   I couldn't take my eyes of her magnificence and my arousal was painfully obvious.

I had been to see many Dominatrices in the past and had always been a little disappointed.   Finally, I had decided that the solution like most things in life lay in money.   You get what you pay for.   I was about to pay a lot of money, but I knew that it was going to be worth every penny.   The woman opposite me was beautiful and from the questions she asked and from the way she listened to my answers, I knew that I was in for something very special.   Although she was extremely polite and professional, there was no doubting her superiority.   I just wanted to kneel at her feet and beg to be able to serve her.

Finally we came to the end of our discussion.   Mistress Tanya exuded confidence and assertiveness and concluding the financial arrangements happened almost as a matter of fact.

I was shown through to a well equipped dungeon.   I had been assured that it was quite sound proofed and that nobody would hear my screams.   This last phrase had been said with a wicked smile.   "Now please remove your clothes and put them on that shelf".   She indicated where she meant by pointing with one of her beautifully gloved hands.   "Then kneel on the floor and wait for me".

She left me in the dungeon to follow her commands which I did.   I folded my clothes neatly stacking them carefully on the shelf.   I then knelt in the middle of the room slowly taking in the contents.   The dungeon was very neat with a huge collection of canes, paddles, whips and other implements hanging from the walls.   As I always did, I gazed at these implements in awe wondering just how painful some of them would be.   I knew I was soon to find out.

Mistress Tanya was quite clear in what she was going to do to me.   She was going to hurt me.   More so than I had ever been hurt before.   I had explained how I had always flinched away from my fantasies in the past.   Not today though.   I wanted to be at the mercy of a powerful Mistress who intended to punish me and would not finish until she was satisfied.

My heart was pumping furiously as I ached for the Mistress to return.   I looked down at my erect penis that was already oozing a little pre-cum.   Finally, I heard that wonderful click, click, click of the heels of Mistress Tanya as she approached the dungeon.   The door slowly swung open and the magnificent lady entered the room.   I couldn't help but look up drinking in the magnificence of her leather clad body.

"Now young man.   I think I have a score to settle with you.   Do you have anything to say for yourself".

"Please Mistress.   Have mercy on me."

"Mercy.   You must be joking."   Mistress Tanya grabs me by the hair and pulls me to my feet.   She lets go of my hair and with a leather clad finger placed under my chin lifts my head so that I look straight into her beautiful but severe face.    I am putty in her hands as I long just to worship her.   Suddenly a hand goes back and I am slapped hard across the face.    She repeats this several times and then with an evil smile says.   "No my little man.   You have displeased me and you are going to pay and there is absolutely no point begging for mercy.   It is just a question of how shall I punish you.   But why am I toying with you.   I know exactly what I am going to do with you.   I am going to thrash you like you have never been thrashed before."   Mistress Tanya suddenly walks over to a wall and retrieves what can only be described as a terrifying looking bullwhip.   "Perhaps I shall whip you."   She holds the whip coiled in one leather clad hand with the other held against her waist suggestively as she slowly walks back to me.   "What do you think little man.   Shall I strip your back with the whip".   She holds the whip up under my chin forcing my head up.   "But I forget what a wimp you are".   She walks back to the wall and puts back the whip.   This time she takes down an evil looking cane and bends it in both hands.   "How about a thrashing from this rattan cane".   She suddenly slashes the cane menacingly three times through the air.   It makes a terrifying sound.   "Perhaps later".

"I think we'll start with a good old fashioned over the knee spanking".   This was what we had discussed.   I longed to go over a beautiful lady's lap for a sound spanking.   Would she be able to take control and really punish me as I had requested.   I was soon to find out.

"Now little man.   I want you to get that chair from the corner and place it in the centre of the dungeon.   And be quick about it."   I did as she commanded.   "Now all we have to do is decide what to use.   Decisions, decisions, decisions."   She slowly walked over to where a selection of leather and wooden paddles hung on the wall and started to inspect them one by one.   Now and then she took one off the wall and looking at me made some comment about its effectiveness.   Finally, she selected an oval shaped wooden paddle that looked extremely painful.   She slowly walked back to me with an evil smile on her face, gently slapping the paddle against a leather clad palm.   "Yes.   I think this will do very nicely".   She put the paddle down on the chair and walked behind me.   I could feel her closeness.   I felt her touch me as she closed right up to me.   Then her left hand came over my shoulder and her leather clad hand clamped tightly over my mouth.   I drank in the wonderful leather aroma which added to my arousal.   Her other hand came over my right shoulder and two leather clad fingers pinched my right nipple.   Gently at first.

"Now slave.   I am going to punish you very severely".   As she said this she increased the pressure on my nipple.   I am going to put you over my lap just like a naughty little boy and give you the spanking of your life".   She said this in a slow, sensuous voice that just added to my arousal.   "I'm going to spank you until you are begging for mercy and then I will spank you even harder".   I could feel her breath on my neck as she continued to explain what she was going to do to me and all the time she gradually increased the pressure on my nipple while continuing to hold her leather clad hand tightly over my mouth.

During our discussion, she had warned me that she was extremely powerful and that did I really want to feel her full force.   With slight trepidation, I said that I did even in the knowledge that there would be no safe word.   I was about to find out just how powerful she was.

"Now little man.   I find that naughty little boys like you tend to wriggle and struggle and try and use their hands to protect their bottoms, so I think we better first make sure that doesn't happen, don't you".   Mistress Tanya released me and slowly walked around me so that she was facing me.   She raised her hands and started to very seductively pull off one of her leather gloves.   She gently pulled on the tip of each finger gently released the tight fit of the glove.   She took an age removing her gloves knowing exactly the effect it had on me.   I watched transfixed as this beautiful, superior leather clad lady performed this erotic striptease of her hands.   Finally, she put the two gloves together and placed then on the chair with the paddle.

She then walked over to a wall and selected a piece of chord.   "Now lie on the floor, on your front with your hands behind your back" she commanded "and be quick about it".   I did as she ordered.   With my head to the floor I sensed her kneel astride me and then suddenly I felt her full weight as she lowered herself on to the lower part of my back.   I felt her boots clamp my sides.   Then she took one of my hands in hers and I felt a loop of rope placed around my wrist and tightened unexpectedly tightly.   She then expertly tied my hands with my hands somehow pulled up my back.   I had been tied up many times before, but never like this.   Usually, I felt I could easily escape if I wanted.   Not this time.   She had used expertise and power to make my hands and arms completely helpless.   I felt even more at her mercy.   I felt her stand up.   "On your feet" she commanded.   With difficulty I managed to get to my knees and slowly manoeuvre myself to my feet.

"Now that's better.   I don't think I'll be having any trouble from you when things start warming up although I think you might be a bit of a screamer".   As she said this she walked over to where a selection of gags hung from the wall and selected a leather ball gag.   "So best to shut you up from the beginning.   Now open wide.   She had walked behind me and suddenly reached over and put the ball gag into place.   She quickly secured the strap and suddenly I was totally at her mercy.   A slight surge of panic rose within me.   What was I doing?   Before I had time to contemplate further I watched Mistress Tanya walk to the chair and picking up her gloves and paddle she sat down elegantly.   She placed the paddle on her leather clad lap and then started to gently pull on one of her leather gloves.   Whatever anxieties I had were quickly forgotten as I watched transfixed as she gradually and seductively put on her leather gloves.   Just as she had done when she had taken them off, she took an age dressing her hands.   When they were both in place, she massaged each of her leather covered hands ensuring that every wrinkle was removed.   Finally satisfied, her gaze moved from her hands to me.

"Now - I think we are ready.   Come here and stand before me.   Now look into my eyes little man."   I could see her pick up the wooden paddle which she was now stroking suggestively.   "You are now going to go over my lap for the thrashing you deserve.   I am going to spank your bottom as it has never been spanked before and you will not be able to sit down for a week.  Now come and stand here."   She indicated with a leather clad finger to a spot just to the right of her right booted thigh.   Suddenly she reached over to me and with surprising strength pulled me forward guiding me on to her lap.   She slowly eased me over until I was fully draped over her lap.   I felt a leather clad hand take hold of my side holding me firmly in place and then her right booted leg crossed both mine expertly securing me.   And then the first stroke hit my defenceless backside.   The pain was terrifying.   What was I doing?   I instantly tried to struggle free but Mistress Tanya was clearly an expert and I could barely move.    "How's that" she enquired just before the second stroke hit me.

For the next half hour, I experienced my first true thrashing.   My fantasises were at last being lived out.   It was an unhurried affair from Mistress Tanya's perspective.   Many pauses as her leather clad fingers inspected my backside, but it was never long before the paddle once again was brought into use.   And every stroke was delivered with maximum power.   I continued to struggle and whimper through my gag for what good it did me as the trashing just continued relentlessly.   I was genuinely sobbing through my gag begging my Mistress to have mercy.   Even if I could have made a coherent sound, I knew it was going to do no good.   I had asked to be thrashed and the Mistress was going to be good to her word.   And through all the agony, the thought that I was completely under the control of this wonderful woman kept me aroused.

After what seemed an eternity, I was informed that we were coming to the end of the beating and that I only had to take another ten strokes.   If anything, Mistress Tanya managed to increase the power a notch.   God knows what my arse look like by now.   And finally it was over.   I was gently helped to the floor lying on my back and instantly my Mistress was sitting astride me with her crouch in my face.   With one leather clad hand pinching a nipple the other reach down and was soon expertly massaging my penis.   I was about to enter a new world of pleasure.