A Judicial Punishment

I was looking forward to the day. Although I only had one client booked in, he was a new client who had requested a Judicial Punishment. I had described in detail on my web site how I went about delivering a Judicial Punishment and this had certainly grabbed the attention of my new client. On the phone I had emphasised just how painful the session would be to ensure the client knew what he was asking for. I cautioned him that once he stepped over the threshold of my lair, there would be no turning back. He assured me that this is what he wanted and now I eagerly awaited his call. A genuine sadist, I hugely enjoyed delivering a severe punishment and it didnít get more severe than a Judicial Punishment.

Earlier I had dressed appropriately in a prison wardress uniform.   An above the knee black skirt along with a white blouse and black tie.   A favourite pair of high heeled boots made of the softest leather.   A wrist length pair of black leather gloves.   And finally, a pair of dark glasses.   Altogether, a highly intimidating appearance.

Suddenly the phone rang. Let it ring at least five times. Let the poor manís apprehension build.

"Yes" I said in a high and mighty voice as I answered the phone. It was him. He was definitely coming. I gave him his final instructions and waited for the doorbell to ring. Sure enough within a couple of minutes he had arrived and I carefully opened the door to let him in.

I closed the door behind him.

"Keep your eyes to the ground you scum unless I order you otherwise" I command. "Follow me". I lead the way down the hall and then down the stairs to my basement dungeon. He obediently follows keeping his eyes down as ordered.

I order him to stop as we enter the dungeon. I stand facing him. "Look at me". I like to give the victim the chance to take in his tormentor. I think I meet with his approval by the look of his excitement. Iíll be surprised if heís still that excited in a little while from now. At 5í10" I am a fairly imposing woman especially in heels. My boots perhaps push me up to a little over six feet, making me taller than my victim. I am in good shape with a well honed body. His eyes lock onto my leather clad hands. I purposely play with my hands as seductively as possible as I pronounce sentence upon him.

"You have been sentenced to a Judicial Punishment to be carried out forthwith. You will receive 36 strokes of the cane". The cane I will use is a very serious instrument of pain. It has a grip, is 90cm long and 9mm in diameter. Definitely not a weapon to be taken lightly.

"You will be strapped over a bench for this punishment. The strokes will be given at an even tempo with time to recover between each stroke. Now strip".

He does as he is told. "Put your clothes on that chair". I indicate a chair in the corner with a leather clad finger. Soon he is standing in front of me naked.

"Not so high and mighty now are we you worthless piece of scum". He is still excited. With a swift movement, I grab hold of his swollen manhood in my leather clad hand and pull him towards the punishment bench. Within seconds he is draped just where I want him. I prod him with a leather clad finger to move him into the precise position I require and then start to strap him tightly in place. First a set of heavy leather straps over the middle of his back. I tighten them with all my strength. He is clearly surprised at the power I display as I secure him in place. Then I secure his hands just as tightly ensuring no escape. I then take my time completing the job. Finally I strap his legs in place firstly with a strap above the knees, then a strap midway between the ankles and the knees and finally a strap around the ankles. I take my time, securing each strap as tightly as possible. He is well and truly immobilized.

His arse is now delightfully presented for what is about to ensue.

"Now we donít want you screaming the house down do we" I say as I pick up a leather ball gag. "Open your mouth" I order which he obediently does. I force the ball into his mouth and then with all my strength, secure the strap in place. I then pick up the cane. "Raise your head" I order. As he does so, he sees me stroke the cane tenderly with my leather gloved hands. I provocatively bend the cane and then suddenly make three quick practice strokes that swish noisily through the air. I place the cane on the floor underneath his head so that he can see it easily while pondering his fate. I slowly pull off my leather gloves and place them with the cane. "Now criminal, you can contemplate what is soon to be in store when that cane is held by those leather gloves". I then proceed to check the straps to ensure that the victim is well and truly bound. Much of this is just to create the atmosphere. Once or twice I will re-secure a strap and if possible make it even tighter. After much tugging and pulling I am satisfied and my final job is to ensure the gag is well in place. It is. I then once again order the victim to raise his head so that he can watch as I slowly pull my exquisite leather gloves onto my hands. First the right glove then the left. I take an age manipulating the leather to ensure that the gloves are perfectly in place. Finally, when satisfied, I pick up the cane and proceed to make several practice strokes.

My leather clad hand grabs him by the hair and lifts his head so that he can look into my eyes. "Now you worthless piece of scum. You will receive the full penalty of the law for your obscene crimes. You have been sentenced to 36 strokes of the cane to be carried out by a female. It will be my pleasure to be able to provide retribution".

I let go of his head and take up my position. I make several more practice swings to build up the tension and then place the tip of the cane on his backside. My arm swings back and suddenly that wonderful "Thwack" as the cane announces its arrival. I move the cane to examine my work and thrill to watch the weal develop. Even though I say it myself, I am an expert with a cane wielding it with devastating accuracy and brutality. I genuinely love the effect it has and delight at the visible traces it leaves. The cane is my favorite implement. Having a man totally helpless as I take retribution greatly excites me. And boy is he helpless. If he hadnít been strapped down and gagged I have no doubt that he would have made a run for it or screamed like hell. He makes a huge effort to escape his bonds but completely to no avail. He is tightly secured over the punishment bench.

I measure my second stroke and give him a second cut on the opposite cheek. Again a lovely weal starts to develop. I continue to ruthlessly thrash my victim but at a leisurely pace. I am in no hurry and my victim has nowhere to go. After a dozen strokes, I walk to the front of the punishment bench and take my victims chin in my leather gloved hand and lift his head so that he can look me in the eyes. I cruelly stare at him noticing tears streaming down his face and saliva seeping from the gag. I smile with satisfaction at the effect I am having on him. I squeeze his cheeks together with my leather gloved hand and then holding his head up firmly with my left hand, my other leather gloved hand slaps him hard across the cheek. I toy with him for a few minutes letting him recover somewhat for the next assault.

"Time to continue" I inform him as I resume my position. Again a few practice strokes to build up the anticipation and then the punishment continues. If my victim thinks the first dozen strokes unbearable then he is in for a real surprise. The next dozen will be laid down straight over the first dozen. I measure my distance, take my arm back and then unleash the first stroke with some real wrist action. My victimís reaction confirms the accuracy of the stroke. I continue at the same leisurely pace enhancing the pattern made up of parallel stripes. I am becoming ever more excited and start to fondle my nipples with my leather clad fingers in between strokes. I complete the second dozen and proceed to the head of the punishment bench to further humiliate my victim with a few more slaps. Tears continue to stream down his face.

It is time to conclude the punishment. His eyes beg me to cease, but I just smile at him and inform him how much I am enjoying myself. I tell him that nothing gives me greater pleasure than delivering a brutal thrashing to scum like him.

I really draw out the final dozen strokes and give a running commentary after each "Thwack" of the cane. He just had to take it. Finally the last stroke fell much to my disappointment. However, I had promised the victim 36 strokes and that was what he was going to get. Not one stroke more or one stroke less.

"That concludes your punishment" I declare as I lift his head and look into his tear stained eyes. "I canít tell you how much pleasure that gave me."

I wait some time for my victim to recover from what is a true ordeal and then slowly release him from his bonds and gag and order him to stand before me. He is visibly shaken and none too steady on his feet. I move behind him and with my left hand pinch his nipples. He then feels the smooth leather of my gloved hand engulf his manhood. Relief is not far away.

© 2006